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City of Long BeachCandidate for City Council, District 2

Photo of Eric Gray

Eric Gray

Small Business Owner, ITO Solutions
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Quality of Life: The 2nd District is a large and diverse district spanning from Downtown Long Beach through many neighborhoods including Alamitos Beach, Bluff Heights, Rose Park, and Craftsman Village. Each neighborhood has its own unique character a
  • Public Safety: Our highly-trained and professional police department has reduced major crime to historic lows, but our neighborhoods are still burdened with property crime. Illegal drugs in our parks, neighborhoods, and near our schools must be elimi
  • Economic Development: To keep Long Beach growing I will bring community-driven leadership to City Hall and work to pave the way towards a prosperous and sustainable future for the 2nd District. As Councilman, I will work to attract and retain small b



Profession:Small Business Owner, ITO Solutions
Small Business Owner, ITO Solutions (2008–current)


Towson University Bachelor, Liberal Arts/Science (1997)

Community Activities

Past Member, Downtown Long Beach Associates Economic Development Committee (not availa–not availa)
President, Downtown Residential Council (not availa–current)
Co-Founder, Historic Pine Avenue (HOPA) Business Association (not availa–current)
Co-Founder, Long Beach Music Council (not availa–current)
Member, Long Beach Democratic Club (not availa–current)


Eric is a Long Beach community leader, small business owner, and longtime resident of the 2nd Council District.

Eric first got involved in Long Beach as a volunteer for the Broadway Business Association, mapping the empty storefronts and working with local realtors to fill them. He is President-Elect of the Downtown Residential Council and co-founded the Historic Pine Avenue (HOPA) Business Association, which helped sparked the rebirth of Pine Avenue and the greater Historic Core in Downtown Long Beach.

As a member of the Downtown Residential Council, Eric has written grants for projects in our neighborhoods, planted trees, installed lighting, cleaned up alleyways, and worked with local artists to repaint parking meters and fire hydrants. He co-founded the 2nd Saturday Shop-and-Walk, bringing residents to local neighborhood businesses, and the 3rd Friday Twilight Walk, enhancing the local arts scene in downtown Long Beach.

Eric also helped to co-found both the Long Beach Music Council and Culinary Long Beach. A passionate and committed volunteer, Eric is an alumnus of Leadership Long Beach, a Board Member of Friends of Bixby Park, and a member of both the Long Beach Lambda and Long Beach Democratic Clubs

For his community service, Eric has been honored to receive the Steward of the 2nd District Award (2007, 2011), the Go Long Beach Award (2011), the Long Beach Hero Award (2013), the Pride Real Estate Professionals Association “Community Visionary” Award (2015), and Friends of Bixby Park Honoree award (2015).

Eric owns his own business, ITO Solutions, which sells hardware and software, and sets up networks and servers for companies and non-profit organizations. He and his partner live in Downtown Long Beach.

Who supports this candidate?

Organizations (12)

  • Victory Fund
  • United Association of Steamfitters, Welders, and Refrigeration Fitters Industry (UA), Local 250
  • United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers, & Allied Workers Union, Local 36
  • United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters, Local 78
  • Southern California Pipe Trades District Council 16
  • Sierra Club Long Beach
  • Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 105
  • International Union of Heat and Frost Insulators, Local 5.
  • Iron Workers Local 433
  • Iron Workers Local 416
  • Long Beach Lifeguard Association
  • Long Beach Police Officers Association

Elected Officials (10)

  • Val Lerch, Former Vice Mayor of Long Beach
  • Michael Noll, City Council of Signal Hill
  • Larry Forester, Mayor of Signal Hill
  • John Allen, Water Replenishment District 3
  • Doug Drummond, Former Vice Mayor of Long Beach
  • Dianne T. McNinch, Past President Long Beach Community College Board of Trustees
  • Betty Karnette, Former Assemblymember and State Senator
  • Bob Foster, Former Mayor of Long Beach
  • Patrick O'Donnell, Assemblymember
  • Lena Gonzalez, 1st District Councilmember

Individuals (205)

  • Jim Danno, Willmore City
  • Clay Sandidge, Muni-Fed Energy
  • Mike Shaknovich, Historic Pine Avenue Business Association
  • Sal Flores, Bluff Heights Resident
  • Robin Rimorin, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Richard Baronsen, Downtown Resident
  • Rhonda Huber, Downtown Resident
  • Renee Tanner, Downtown Resident and Artist
  • Rebecca Quinn, East Village Resident
  • Rebecca Traficanto, Former Secretary of the Downtown Residential Council
  • Rachel Star Albright, Musician in MOVE, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Prash Katta, Downtown Resident
  • Peter Becket Kuhl, Bluff Heights Resident
  • Paul Klapka, Downtown Resident
  • Pat Mills, Downtown Resident
  • Nicolas Zart, Bluff Heights Resident
  • Nick White, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Nia Bankston, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Moki Arturo Castaneda, Downtown Resident
  • Mimi Masher, North Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Mikle Norton, Bluff Heights Resident
  • Miguel Solorio, Rose Park Resident
  • Miguel Gomez, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Michael Salemi, Carroll Park Resident
  • Melissa Rosno, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Matthew Miller, Bluff Heights Resident
  • Mark Vinton, Downtown Resident
  • Manisha Merchant & Nisheeth Singh, Downtown Residents
  • Lori Rivera-Scott, Alamitos Beach Resident, Owner of 4th and Elm
  • Leonardo Howry, Downtown Resident
  • Larry Isler, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Lacey Adams, Downtown Resident
  • Kenny McBride, East Village Resident and Artist
  • Kenneth Gomez, Downtown Resident
  • Kaylin Cannon, Downtown Resident
  • Katherine Kelton, Downtown Resident
  • Karen Hamilton, Downtown Resident
  • Karel Bouley, Rose Park Resident
  • Julie Nemechek, Downtown Resident
  • Juan Coronado, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Jovanna Ortega, Downtown Resident
  • Joshua Yeagley, Yeagley Designs, Former Prince of the Imperial Court
  • Joshua Michael Orr, Downtown Resident
  • Jon Zell Musician in MOVE, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • John Huffman, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • John Christian Hansen, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • John Blasco, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • John Barnes, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • John Apodaca, Bluff Heights Resident
  • Joe Bradley, Owner of Long Beach Pedi Cab, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Jay Young, Downtown Resident
  • Heather Kern, Alamitos Beach Resident, MADE in Long Beach
  • Harry Sumako, East Village Resident
  • Glenn Agoncillo, Bluff Heights Resident
  • Giselle Crow, Rose Park Resident
  • Giovanna Maria LaDuca, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Gigi Acevedo, Rose Park Resident
  • Geronimo Quitoriano, East Village Resident
  • Gel Nunez, Bluff Heights Resident
  • Famious Stephenson, Downtown Resident
  • Eve Lunt, Bluff Heights Resident
  • Eric Santonil, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Scott Nantell, Carroll Park Resident
  • Sean Laughlin, North Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Sergio Pergola, Downtown Resident
  • Susan Moffett Barrick, Rose Park Resident
  • Solange Kaye Marie Igoa, Musician in Bearcoon
  • Shayla Dunfee, Downtown Resident
  • Eric Johnson, Downtown Resident
  • Eric Higley, Downtown Resident
  • Eric Carr, Past President, Promenade Area Residents Association and Downtown Residential Council
  • Emilio Lopez, DJ Yellow, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Elden Doloroso, North Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Elan Sudberg, Rose Park Resident
  • Eddie Murphy, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Dino Dimeo, Downtown Resident
  • Dennis Weber, Downtown Resident
  • Denise Dube, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Deanna Tan, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Dawn Bello, North Alamitos Beach Resident
  • David Scott, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • David Perram, Bluff Heights Resident
  • David Fernandez, Bluff Heights Resident
  • David Cordova, Bluff Heights Resident
  • Dave Sandhu, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Darren Held, Bluff Heights Resident
  • Dan Norman, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Damon Lawrence, Rose Park Resident, Founder Long Beach Grocery Coop
  • Cookie Braude, Downtown Resident
  • Chris Howry, Downtown Resident
  • Cheryl Crowe, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Charles Barrick, Rose Park Resident
  • Cameron Jacques, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Brooke Davis, North Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Brandon Thomas, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Aubrey Moorer, Downtown Resident
  • Anne Profit, East Village Resident
  • Anna Schoendorfer, East Village Resident and Artist
  • Anita Sinclair, Bluff Heights Resident, Art Coordinator at Bixby Park
  • Andrew Palomino, Downtown Resident
  • Andrea Walker, Musician in Bearcoon
  • Ana Marie Sanchez, Rose Park Resident
  • Alvaro Toro, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Abel Silva, Downtown Resident
  • Aaron Goddu, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Yvonne Arnold, Alamitos Beach Neighborhood Association
  • Sidney Cramer, Co-President, On Broadway Business Association
  • Ruth Lozano, Board Member, Friends of Bixby Park
  • Peter Johnson, Past President, Promenade Area Residents Association
  • Mike Dunfee, Past President, Downtown Residential Council
  • Michelle Arend-Ekhoff, Craftsman Village Neighborhood Association
  • Michael Wylie, Historic Pine Avenue Business Association
  • Melissa Escalante, Event Chair, Downtown Residential Council
  • Mary Simmons, President, AOC7
  • Lora Kermode, Historic Pine Avenue Business Association
  • Lisa Marie Harris, Craftsman Village Neighborhood Association
  • Kirk and Tara Saylin, Historic Pine Avenue Business Association
  • Keir Jones, Co-President, On Broadway Business Association
  • Jim Goodin, President, Bluff Heights Neighborhood Association
  • Jeff Anderson, Past President, Rose Park Neighborhood Association
  • Javier Ortiz, Historic Pine Avenue Business Association
  • Jamellah Terrell, Alamitos Beach Neighborhood Association
  • Gary Chomiak, On Broadway Business Association
  • Elisa McConnehea, Past President, Alamitos Beach Neighborhood Association
  • Doug Sambrano, Historic Pine Avenue Business Association
  • Dennis Herbert, Rose Park Neighborhood Association
  • David Clement, President, North Alamitos Beach Neighborhood Association
  • David Cannon, DLBA Executive Committee
  • Chas Escalante, Vice President, Downtown Residential Council
  • Bob Kelton, Vice President, Ocean Resident Community Association
  • William Thomas, Founding Member, Friends of L.B. Municipal Band
  • Trinka Rowsell, Non Profit Consultant
  • Tony Parise, Past President, North Pine Neighborhood Alliance
  • Tony Diaz, Past President, Teachers Association Long Beach (TALB)
  • Shy But Flyy, Long Beach Musician
  • Steven Rice, Long Beach Attorney
  • Steve Kochan, Long Beach Tech
  • Shea Newkirk, Co-Founder Long Beach Music Council
  • Patty Allen, President, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
  • Ofelia Rivera, Green Long Beach, Foodscape Long Beach
  • Nancy Foster, Former 1st Lady of Long Beach
  • Mary Sramek
  • Marsha Ganem, Downtown Resident
  • Logan Crow, Event Planner and Arts Leader
  • Keir Jones, LGBT Chamber of Commerce
  • Justin Potier, PREPA Long Beach
  • Josephine Molina and Heather Rudy
  • Jewell Faamaligi, Long Beach Music Council
  • Jerry Caligiuri, Assembly District 70 Delegate
  • Jake Quiroz
  • Isaac Romero, Former Field Deputy for Mayor Robert Garcia
  • Gordana Kajer, Bluff Park Resident
  • Gina Herrera, Former President, North Pine Neighborhood Alliance
  • Eric Leocadio
  • Eric Bradley, Assembly District 70 Delegate
  • Doug Kurtz, Artist
  • Dan and Beverly Mulherin
  • Burt Griswold, Artist and Musician
  • April Barnes, Long Beach CALL Non Profit
  • Steve Equality Gallagher, Human Relations Commission, 2nd District Resident
  • Rick McGilton-McGlamery, Long Beach Civil Service Commissioner
  • Kathleen Irvine, Long Beach Sustainable City Commissioner
  • Joe Ganem, Homeless Services Advisory Committee
  • Elliot Gonzales, Long Beach Sustainable City Commissioner
  • DW Ferrell, Technology and Innovation Commission
  • Chris Coronado, Airport Commission
  • Alan Burks, Chair Long Beach Cultural Heritage Commission
  • Varoujan Shekerdemian, Manager at Shannons
  • Vizal Samreth, Owner of Academy, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Tiffany Yelverton, Owner of Entice Me
  • Terry Krieger, Partner, Krieger & Krieger
  • Sophia Sandoval, Owner of 4th Street Vine
  • Son Ly and Julie Do, DoLy's Delectables
  • Ron and Riley Hodges, Shannon's on Pine
  • Richard Leighton, Owner of Richie's Toys and Gifts, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Phil Appleby, Appleby Property Management
  • Norma Campi, Owner of Aji Peruvian & P3 Artisan Pasta
  • Nicoleta Simionescu, AllWays Financial Services, Inc.
  • Nancy Downs, Downs Property
  • Max Viltz, Owner of Village Treasures, Downtown Resident
  • Lauren Lilly, Owner of Yellow 108
  • Kelli Koller, Owner of Seventh Wave Surf Shop
  • Keith Krupp, The Kap Agency
  • John Barnes, Silver Fox
  • Jim Ritson, Owner of 4th Street Vine
  • Jessie Howard, East Village Investments, LLC
  • Jeff Darling, Owner of Mineshaft & Brit Bar
  • George Riveras, Owner of Riveras
  • Gary Muir, Owner of The Stave
  • Gabrielle Canale, Owner of Rain Dance
  • Eric Hatch, President, LaunderPet
  • Eduardo Campi, Owner of Aji Peruvian & P3 Artisan Pasta
  • DW Ferrell, Owner of MADE in Long Beach
  • Chris Reece, Owner of The Pike Bar
  • Adrian Amosa, Owner of Gaucho Grill and Allegria
  • Aaron Duckett, Duck Group Real Estate
  • William Cwiklo, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Wendy Watson, Downtown Resident
  • Von Jonnie, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Vaughan Risher, Long Beach Music Council, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Trina Schoonmaker, Alamitos Beach Resident, Pacific Homeowners Association
  • Todd Davis, North Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Tim Yi, Downtown Resident
  • Tim Pounders, Rose Park Resident
  • Tim Aldrete, Alamitos Beach Resident

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

Long Beach is an amazing city with so much potential. With economic development and community growth on the rise, our city needs community leaders who are creative, pragmatic, and collaborative, leaders who will keep our district vibrant and thriving. This is the leadership I will bring to City Hall, and it’s this principle of community-driven leadership that has served as my political philosophy.

I first got involved in Long Beach as a volunteer for the On Broadway Business Association, mapping the empty storefronts and working with local realtors to fill them. Now, I currently serve as President of the Downtown Residential Council. My passion for community coalitions and neighborhood-driven development led me to co-found the Historic Pine Avenue (HOPA) Business Association, which helped spark the rebirth of Historic Pine Avenue and the greater Historic Core in Downtown Long Beach, the Music Council, and Culinary Long Beach. I’m a Friends of Bixby Park Board Member, and alumnus of Leadership Long Beach, and belong to both the Long Beach and Long Beach Lambda Democratic Clubs.  I am a proud member of my community, and my legacy of community involvement has been a driving force in my political philosophy.

Candidate Contact Info

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