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City of San BuenaventuraCandidate for City Council

Photo of Lorrie Brown

Lorrie Brown

Watershed Protection Administrator
10,198 votes (9.54%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Practical Leadership - Moving forward to protect affordable living and leading proactive initiatives important for all
  • Equitable Policies - being fair and objective in decision-making by working together on progressive policy
  • Sustainable Growth - providing balanced ideas for competing issues and preserving the best living in Ventura



Profession:Watershed Protection District
Management Assistant II, County of Ventura, Public Works, Watershed Protection District (2016–2016)
Program Coordinator, Ladies Of Legacy — Elected position (2013–2016)
Chair, Young Women's Advisory Council — Elected position (2013–2016)
Volunteer, Citizens for Responsible Oil and Gas — Elected position (2016–2016)


California Lutheran University Master, Public Policy and Administration (2009)
Cal Lutheran University Bachelor, Communication (2007)
Ventura College Associates, Biingual Studies (2005)

Community Activities

Arts Advocate, Ventura County Arts Council (2016–2016)
Roundtable Member, Ventura County Women's Economic Roundtable (2013–2016)
Member, Ventura Surfrider Foundation (2016–2016)
Political Action Committee Member, Ventura County Women's Political Council (2014–2016)



Read All About it!

My website has the most up-to-date information here.

As a candidate for Ventura City Council in 2013 Lorrie ran an all grassroots campaign garnering unprecedented support and getting within 53 votes of unseating an incumbent of over 26 years!

 As a true environmentalist, she was endorsed by the Ventura Citizens for Hillside Preservation and the Sierra Club:

The Hillside endorsement was covered by the Ventura County Star which can be viewed here.

 Lorrie has remained steadfast regarding the City of Ventura’s water resources and Arlene Martinez, journalist for The Star reported October 10th 2013 during Ventura Elections Special quoted Lorrie as saying, “It would not be in our best interest to approve a lot more developments because of our water restrictions.”

 She was listed as a leader for social justice by the Ventura County Community Foundation in 2013 that can be viewed here...and she spoke at a city council meeting regarding inclusionary housing in 2013 here. 

Shane Cohn, August 15th 2013 reported in the VC Reporter The Race Begins, that “People of color seem to elude capturing enough votes to win a seat on the council, (which as been)…the standard over the last couple of decades.”

 ...and after the race was over the Ventura County Star reported on how close the race really was in the news.

Today Lorrie does not run against women, she runs with them. Follow her on the campaign trail on Twitter @Lorrie4Ventura and on Instagram @Brown4Ventura


To read more about me and my background, education and experience go here.










Who supports this candidate?

Featured Endorsements

  • Ventura County Activists for Bernie Sanders
  • CAUSE Action Fund

Organizations (2)

  • Evolve California
  • Ventura County Women's Political Council

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy


Most of my work whether it is in a volunteer, civic, religious or community capacity is primarily for the purpose of community or people building.  I believe that with the right tools, the appropriate focus and great vision people and communities can help themselves.  I have seen policy corrupt and policy liberate, it is all in how that policy is initially established, guarded, implemented and enforced.  If policy cannot remain true to its original intent through all phases of its existence it runs the risk of becoming more corrupt than liberating.   

I think it is important to be involved in protecting those underserved communities that lack the institutional knowledge to protect themselves and to form alliances where possible to improve upon existing policies that work. 




When I sit on any advisory board, committee or in any civic capacity I always ask myself, “What qualifying perspective can I add from my background and demographic that no one else will see?” and “Is that perspective clarifying, helpful and/or necessary to the issues at hand?”  I must decide if I am adding to the discussion based upon my educational background and experience, my diverse demographical make-up, my regional perspective or all three combined.  Once this has been determined I understand that my duty is to speak on behalf of the people I represent boldly, unapologetically and intelligently.  This is what is required of anyone who wishes to bring any form of respect to underserved communities and this is exactly what I plan to do.





Currently there exists an indirect implication that poor populations of people are a problem and from a cultural stand point a problem must be fixed and that fixing usually includes punitive action.  We have a huge uphill battle to fight because we must combat the idea that people are problems whether they are homeless, unemployed, underemployed, recently graduated and unable to pay off college loans, without transportation, living from pay check to paycheck.





Based upon these observations, as a community leader in a position to affect policy the challenges I see would include: Not creating policy that harms more than help, not only serving a narrow view, standing up for good policy even if it may be unpopular, remembering that the seat itself cannot become more important than the reason why you hold the seat, the public does not always understand the whys behind policy or the long term benefits due to imminent short term negative affects, dogmatic policy that is just a knee-jerk reaction to often-times tragic event seems inevitable and avoid losing more public faith in failing policy because of unwillingness or desire to change


As a public servant the great opportunities that exist as a result of a position would be to be in a position to affect necessary incremental changes, the ability to review, observe and evaluate what is working right first-hand, initiate educational community campaigns to enlist public buy-in on key policy solutions, observe how the opposite positions think and view issues and the values they attach to that, be in a credible position to ask questions and provide a balanced approach, preserve good policy and introduce new collaborative policy and not fall into trap of dogmatic policy and instead guide others to a more balanced decision making process.


These things are a privilege.









Position Papers

My Campaign Platform



These are my top three campaign platform issues split up into nine issue categories:

Sustainable Growth

     Support Net Zero Opportunities

     Strengthen Infrastructure

     Protect Inclusionary Policies


Practical Leadership

     Variance Review of Budget (Line by Line)

     Be a Proactive Voice Regarding Competing Issues

     Represent Working Class Residents & Families


Equitable Policies

     Support Environmental Protections

     Be a Voice for Underserved, Underemployed, Veterans & Homeless Families

     Uphold Affordable Housing Policies







  1. Support “Net Zero” Opportunities Sustainability was what fueled the work of those council members who worked with the community to draft the Ventura Vision about ten years ago and I want to renew that focus.  It spawned the revitalization of our Downtown, the influx of businesses there, the support of a vibrant night life, the invitation of annual events such as the beer fest and the acknowledgement that the city is a sum of residents, tourists and the adult children of those residents., grant funding, revise ‘sound ordinance’ specifically for downtown which can potentially cost tax payers unreasonable legal fees, support the development of a “Recently Annexed Specific Plan” for transition specific community concerns, and  fill in funding gaps by balancing percentages of retail, residential mixed-use and industrial development)  Balanced and sustainable growth are the ingredients that will allow our City to remain competitive and economically sound.  Balanced means focusing on projects that have low or no impact on our limited water resources. This is a matter of community safety – water safety. We must protect our resources while promoting the vibrancy of our city.  Right now, there is no collective voice or champion for the Ventura Vision. Promoting a pedestrian Safe City, not just the downtown. Safe sidewalks, street lights and Safe and clean streets.  I am also for strengthening tourism in Ventura by promoting Safe Tourism which focuses on continuing the conversation regarding our beaches and downtown. I would also support a community performing arts center to support the arts community. This is important because the arts compliments and supports tourism in many different ways. (Constituency: Businesses/Tourism/Arts, Westside Community Council, College Area Council, Police, Fire, Ventura Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Business District Association).


  1. Strengthening Infrastructure - This movement must continue to include strengthening our cities crumbling infrastructure.  In order to remain a vibrant city, we need not pass up, strategic in-fill development that does not add an undue strain on our water resource & currently planned infrastructural improvements, we can use special residential districts.  In addition, we can support non-impact development such as the lighting project, historic preservation, the formation of special districts, which would serve to support the cities growth in a way that respects its current limitations. This is why I am running because I believe that through community consensus among city staff, residents, and business owners there can be a ‘meeting in the middle’ to agree on policy, balancing ideas with realistic expectations and goals and developing workable solutions which is key to keeping our city vibrant and on track to fulfill Ventura’s Vision. (Constituency: Independents/Those Fed up with Politics as usual/Those who are upset with special interest group influence/Those not pleased with anti-growth/Those scared of over development/…pretty much everyone!)


  1. Protect Inclusionary Policies Women make up approximately 51% of City of Ventura population and Latinos make up approximately 30% of City of Ventura’s population. While respecting the value of the hard work of those women who have come before me, my goal is to break the silence and demonstrate how to effectively create a voice for underserved communities. Especially when it comes to low to below poverty level households. Even moderate level income households struggle and this community needs housing opportunities that not only the private sector promotes (i.e. Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation) but opportunitites that are strategically allowed the current city ordinance for middle class families.  The City of Ventura has inclusionary housing policies written into ordinances however exceptions have been made with developers in some instances at the expense of that policy and even sometimes our limited resources. This does not mean that executive housing is not necessary, it simply means that it should not be exclusive.  (Constituency: National Women’s Political Caucus, LULAC, United Women’s Leadership Council, Ventura County Leadership Academy, Future Leaders of America, City Commissions and Committees, Community Organizing orgs finding mentors etc in order to be prepared to run for office)




  1. Variance Review of Budget (Line-by-Line)

I plan to promote the efficient use of public funds while investing in the safety of our community. The city has a vast budget that has a vague bottom line.  There needs to be a clear understanding of cash flow, revenues, expenses, grant funding, set asides and earmarked funds and how accurately those funds are being applied for the benefit of the community as a whole.  I also want to be that council member who votes on the all the issues, not excusing myself, abstaining or generally being absent during the debate, deliberation and decision-making of important issues that affect major competing interests.


  1. Be a Proactive Voice Regarding Competing Issues The City of Ventura needs a candidate that is not afraid to ask the hard questions or be a proactive voice for unpopular policies. Staff cannot lead council it must be the other way around. I understand staffs role, I have a city administrator’s perspective while having experience working as a liaison between departments and related agencies, such as planning, building safety and engineering, code compliance, city clerk, city attorney, city manager and agency directors. In addition I have worked closely with small business owners, property managers, contractors and related agencies.  I have community organizing, strategic planning, focus group facilitation experience and have prepared resolutions, contracts and staff reports.  In that work I was exposed to all the things a City Councilmember would be reading and discussing because as a staff member of a redevelopment department I prepared the resolutions, agendas and supporting documents for review – including Developer Disposition Agreements, Promissory Notes and Deeds of Trust.  It’s not just about development however it is about understanding how Prop 13 created a need for redevelopment and how the end of redevelopment has directly affected sales tax revenues for cities, including Ventura. Its having experience in long term planning and knowing how to operate within the Brown Act and encouraging public comment and participation. Some of the competing issues include: Development vs Water, Seniors needs vs Young Adult night life, Tourism vs NIMBY, Affordable housing vs Executive housing, Diversity vs Homogeneous populations, upper middle class vs working class, small business vs big box, east end vs the west end, a pool vs a library, a park vs street lighting …and the list goes on.


  1. Represent Working Class Residents & Families

Supporting fair Cost of Living Adjustments, protecting Retirement Pensions from first date of hire, encouraging clean technological manufacturing business where feasible, voting for Project Labor Agreements where feasible, emphasizing that hard working citizens deserve living wages to support their families including single parents, the underemployed and the underskilled. We must begin to promote technical education by supporting intiatives that support institutions like Foothill High School. (Constituency: Unions/County/City/Service Workers/Middle Class Residents/Single parents/schools).



  1. Support Environmental Protections Continue to find new ways to protect the Hillsides through the voted approval by residents through a formation of special districts, develop consistent permitting practices that adhere to the sustainable ideals established by the Ventura Vision, renew SOAR as is 2016, protect our dwindling water resources by balancing competing interests, continue to encourage community projects like the Botanical Gardens as an example of successful public and private partnerships, ensure Comprehensive Water Plan report detailing capital improvements to build wells is not forgotten and seek to create new was to increase annual water flow to support projections of new development and be careful about current water usage and educate on how to conserve and encourage use of water-wise landscaping plants etc.  Parks are shared open spaces for communities to benefit from i.e. Kellogg Park. (Constituency: SOAR /Community/Environmentalists/ Conservationists/ Naturalists/Hillside Communities/Preservationists/Hikers/Fishers/Westside Community, Sierra Club, Coastal Commission)


  1. Be A Voice for Underserved, Underemployed, Veterans & Homeless Families in the community and on the street. All children deserve to be safe they are our most vulnerable.  Our children go to school together and our public health is directly tied into theirs.  What affects the health of our children should be important to us all. There are also those families and communities who deserve to see that pool on the West end developed in partnership with the city, the school district and the surrounding community.  Kellogg Park is well overdue for completion. The Quimby Act is very clear on why funding should be available for cities to build – they promote the health of our families and provide safe environments for our children to play. Homeless children is a symptomatic tragedy of many things but that does not mean we cannot provide hope through policies that support collaboration between agenices but also a human touch. There are many existing programs such as PEAK, Ventura City Corp, youth arts programs and the Ventura Unified School District who support this ideal and have missions that describe it. Public Private partnerships are key. (Constituency: Afterschool programs, libraries, and the arts are important to these communities).


  1. Uphold Affordable Housing Policies Because economic redevelopment was my profession, I understand the need for supporting small businesses and the need for affordable housing and public transit.  What is diverse about the City of Ventura? Our beaches, our Hillside and parks, our agriculture and tourism. These are just some of the things that work together to establish an economically and socially diverse community.  We must continue to do so by encouraging more diverse investments. This is why I support establishing a “Residential Growth Management” Plan that does not seek to repeal inclusionary housing requirements. A community with diverse investments is an econonomically stable community.  This can be accomplished by establishing “in-lieu fees” enforcing the inclusionary housing policies and/or creating an affordable housing set-aside requirement on tiered projects according to a percentage calculation.  This would fill in the gap left by the ending of redevelopment agencies in 2011 which left no way for cities to raise funds to support phased projects which were already approved. I support a policy requirement that properties in escrow be subject to a one-time additional percent set-aside specifically to fund infrastructural improvements.



Videos (5)

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Arts & Prosperity Pt 2 of 2

Senior Issues

Midtown College Area

Ventura Chamber of Commerce PAC Forum






— September 28, 2016 CAPS Media

The 2016 Candidate Statement can be found on CAPS website!

— September 28, 2016 CAPS Media

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— October 26, 2016 CAPS TV

Hear all about my position on various issues from our city's budget to the complex concerns surrounding our limited water resources. Listen as I share the things important to the continued vitality to the City of Ventura. Understand my thoughts on how to continue to move forward by working together.

— October 26, 2016 CAPS TV Public Service Announcement

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