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June 5, 2018 — California Primary Election
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City of Burbank
Measure V - Majority Approval Required

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Election Results


15,808 votes yes (81.13%)

3,676 votes no (18.87%)

100% of precincts reporting (48/48).

To increase voter participation in City of Burbank elections, shall the measure be adopted amending City of Burbank Charter: 1.) changing City's odd-numbered year general elections to November of even-numbered years coinciding with State/Federal elections and conforming to state law; 2.) eliminating City's primary election; 3.) extending elected City official terms, one time, by one year and eight months to transition to even-numbered year elections; 4.) simplifying the election process in the Charter?

What is this proposal?

Measure Details — Official information about this measure

Impartial analysis / Proposal

Amy Albano, City Attorney

California Voter Participation Rights Act’s purpose is to increase voter participation and requires a City to change its elections from odd-numbered years to even-numbered years, if there has been a significant decrease in voter turnout. “Significant decrease” means turnout for a regularly scheduled Burbank election is at least 25% less than the average Burbank turnout for the previous four statewide general elections.

Burbank voter data for the last four statewide general elections shows an average turnout of 60.43%. In the last four odd-numbered year, all mail ballot general elections, Burbank’s average voter turnout was 16.95%, which is 43.48% less voter turnout.

City Council placed this Measure on the ballot amending the City Charter regarding City elections. Starting in 2020 it changes City’s odd-numbered year general election to November of even-numbered years coinciding with State/Federal elections following California Voter Participation Rights Act. Since November of even-numbered year, statewide elections in Burbank experience higher voter turnout, this should increase voter participation.

Amended Charter Section (§) 800 eliminates the primary and general runoff election process in 2019. Instead, City officials will be elected at one general election in November of even-numbered years, combined with statewide elections, conducted by Los Angeles County. Candidate receiving the highest number of votes for that office is elected. §800 also simplifies the election process by allowing procedural details to be governed by ordinance/state election law.

Burbank’s primary election is eliminated, in part, because the state primary changes to March in 2020, which would make election season 10 months, January-November. California Voter Participation Rights Act does not allow a different primary date.

Transitioning to November of even-numbered year elections in 2020 requires a one-time extension of existing elected City officials’ terms, as follows (§805):
–Terms of Council Members elected/seated in May 2015, will be changedfrom four years to five years and eight months (one year and eight monthextension).
–Terms of Council Members, City Clerk, and City Treasurer, elected/seatedin May 2017, will be changed from four years to five years and eightmonths (one year and eight month extension).
–Elected City officials revert to four year terms starting with those elected inNovember 2020 and at each subsequent election.

With a November general election, Council’s reorganization meeting (seating the new council and choosing a mayor) can no longer be in May. The new date will be set by Council ordinance, most likely December or January (§400).

A “no” vote would mean elections for City officials will remain in odd-numbered year February primary and April general elections. Under California Voter Participation Rights Act, a local voter may sue the City to change to even-numbered year, statewide elections because of the decrease in voter participation.

A “yes” vote approves the Charter amendments relating to elections. If a majority say yes, starting in 2020 elections for City officials will change to November of even-numbered years coinciding with state/federal elections. With a “yes” vote the City will be following the California Voter Participation Rights Act and voter participation should increase.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Arguments FOR

Vote YES to align our elections with the mandate from State Law.

Senate Bill 415, “The California Voter Participation Rights Act” went into effect on September 1, 2015 and requires Burbank to change its General elections from odd-number to even-number years.

By holding our elections on the same date as Statewide and Federal elections, we will conform to State Law, avoid potential lawsuits for non-compliance; and potentially increase our voter participation. Currently, only 17% of the total registered Burbank voters vote in our February/April elections, compared to over 60% during the last four consolidated Statewide and Federal General elections.

Moving our elections to the new schedule required by the State would create a delay, between our traditional primary date and the so-called “run-off,” of about 8 months. Because of potential confusion and voter election-fatigue, as well as placing less well funded candidates at a disadvantage, we’ve opted to drop the primary election in favor of focusing on the consolidated election date in November. We believe consolidation will be fiscally prudent (we could file a lawsuit to keep our current schedule; that cost cannot be estimated, though we know of no other city doing this).

To comply with State Law, there will be a one-time term extension of 1 year 8 months for all of the currently elected Council / City Clerk / City Treasurer.

Voting “Yes” on Measure V will save the city millions of dollars in election costs in the future, it will place municipal ballots in front of voters at the same time they consider state and national ballots, and will potentially improve voter participation.

Please vote YES on Measure V

Mayor, City of Burbank

Vice Mayor, City of Burbank

Council Member, City of Burbank

Council Member, City of Burbank

Council Member, City of Burbank

Arguments AGAINST


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