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November 6, 2018 — California General Election
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City of Jurupa ValleyCandidate for Council Member, Council District 1

Photo of Dan Shapiro

Dan Shapiro

Attorney at Law
860 votes (25.56%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Listen to the local residents to know what they really want the city to do and what they want the city to leave alone.
  • Help the local businesses to succeed and re-brand the city so new businesses will want to open up here
  • Preserve and maintain the open space and agricultural opportunities as well as develop the local commercial opportunities



Attorney, self-employed (1990–current)
Mortgage Broker, self-employed (1980–2009)
President, Orangetree Patio Homeowner Association — Elected position (1988–2000)


Western State College of Law in Fullerton JD, Law School (1990)
UC Irvine MS and Advanced to Candidacy for a PhD, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry (1986)
UC Irvine MA, History with emphasis on Latin America / US relations .... also studied multiple theories of historical analysis (1977)
UC Irvine BA, Classics - Ancient Greek (1973)

Community Activities

President, West End Gun Club (2016–current)
Chairman, Range Development and Planning committee, West End Gun Club (2014–2015)
President, Orangetree Patio Home Owners Association (1988–2000)
Chairman, Vice-Chairman, student leader, Associated Graduate Students, University of California, Irvine (1974–1977)


As the President of my homeowners association, I made sure the residents were kept fully informed and involved with the community. I encouraged good people to get involved as board members. Everyone who came to the monthly meetings was able to address the board; I again made sure their concerns were handled to their satisfaction. I along with the rest of the board kept a close eye on the budget, kept up with maintenance, planned ahead, kept the fees reasonable, and the whole place neat, clean, safe, and pleasant. I helped start up the community garden which is still there. When the Irvine Company decided to develop the open land that surrounded us, I made sure that we had a good, representative group of residents organized to work closely with the Irvine Company with the planning and development to our satisfaction. In exchange all of us got 3 years of city planning & development training from the City of Irvine and the Irvine Company. I was elected and re-elected 12 times. I was responsible for landscape maintenance including trimming hundreds of eucalyptus, sycamore, pear, and ficus trees. We had asphalt alleyways behind our homes that I also had to maintain. I introduced a whole new color scheme to supplement the original brown shades that the development began with. There were other amenities that I helped develop and maintain as well.

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

My original platform that I am building on is "Potholes not pot" which really means that I want the city council to take care of the needs of us residents first and don't go spending our much needed money on moral crusades. Maybe you saw the letter I published in the Riverside County Record a few years ago when I first addressed the up and coming problem of medical marijuana in Jurupa Valley..... back when the city should have established a set of regulations to garner us some good income off the sales and keep the illegal activity from developing. The needs of us residents must come first. Clean up the trash, then keep it from building up again. Help our local businesses to succeed. Re-brand the City as a place where new businesses would like to open up. The other thing that I have been after the City Council to pay attention to is to eliminate the various dangerous conditions that the Council has been ignoring. Brian is the only council member who ever responded to my multiple emails and other communications to the council about them. Thank you for asking!

Let me give short answer to start: It is all about how the City Council votes, one at a time. Some of it starts with the budget, and then the Council  makes adjustments where the money actually goes. Some of it starts with the General Plan, but then the Council  makes exceptions or makes decisions when each plan comes up for a vote. Not enough of it comes from resident input.

 My votes on the Council will be based on resident input and what is the best for those of us who are already here in the City. This is not an easy task. I take into consideration such things as quality of life, safety, aesthetics, property values, traffic, noise, environment, and the overall effect something would have on those of us who are already here. What are the good things about the area that led us here in the first place?

Position Papers

Some things not done right by current city council


This is a general statement that I had posted on a local Facebook page when asked where I thought the city had gone off track. Others had posted numerous concerns. What I state here is in addition to the usual stated problems.

I think that the city should have responded to correct dangerous conditions that I brought to their attention over the past year or more. That kept the City at serious risk and still does to this day. The city staff tells the council what to do, what to put its attention on, instead of the other way around. Despite the lofty rhetoric I read in my opponent's candidate statement, there hasn't been any action actually done consistent with it. I worry that the local zonings will be downgraded into typical suburban tracts and that we will end up being like Fountain Valley instead of Jurupa Valley. The City Council totally blew it with pot. The master plan seems to ignore the long-term pre-existing land uses, both commercial & residential. Business owners that I've spoken with are frustrated with their attempts to improve their premises or sell them to a similar subsequent owner. None of this is right.

This is where my attention is:


It is time for an attitude adjustment within the City Council. This is the attitude that I am striving for.

I am here for you, the Residents of Jurupa Valley. Many people are supporting me as they find out that I am really interested in knowing what the residents of Jurupa Valley need & want. The lack of attention from the city council has got to end! I intend on putting the City Council's attention on the basic needs of those who are already living here. I am working on a plan to re-brand the City, so that when someone hears "Jurupa Valley" they will think of all the good things and of all the potential that we have here. I want to preserve the good things that we have and clean up the City. We are going to expand, but I will not let this place turn into Orange County! The City needs to encourage and support our local businesses. I am tired of seeing businesses close up. Please tell me your ideas!

Videos (2)

— November 4, 2018 Candidate

Personal statement expressing a desire to improve the image of Jurupa Valley

Personal statement of candidate's desire to improve the quality of life in Jurupa Valley

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