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November 8, 2016 — Elección General de California

Ciudad de San JacintoCandidato para Consejo Municipal

Photo de James D. Pangrazzi

James D. Pangrazzi

Retired Professional Driver
2,267 votos (10.65%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Finances = Budget, Revenue, Expenditures, New Sources of income and I have a few in mind
  • Public Safety, We need to have our own fire station downtown and have our own dispatch center, we also need more officers on the streets
  • Proper medical care, we need to have a hospital in our city, 50% of the people in San Jacinto Valley needing hospital care leave the valley, there is a shortage of hospital beds in Riverside & San Bernardino County.



Brooklyn Automotive High School High School Diploma, Academics and Auto Mechanics (1961)

Actividades comunitarias

Little League and Pony League volunteer for 12 yrs, Board of Directors, Santana National Little League & Grossmont Pony League (1987–2000)

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  • Rancho San Jacinto Community

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Finances = The Budget, Revenue, New Revenue


Finances will cover  The Budget, Revenue, New Revenue

The budget needs to be analyzed very carefully! Any Slush Fund that still exist should be eliminated. Any gifts should not be allowed. Any item that is not absolutely needed before the next budget should be eliminated! Revenue should be looked at for any mistakes any missed items. Future income should be looked at and explored even if it is outside the box. I have a few ideas of my own, but I am more then willing and able to listen and pay attention to other people's ideas.

Police Department, Fire Department, and Dispatch operations


Should we go with our own Police Department, Fire Department, and Dispatch Operations? The short answer is YES, but it is not as easy as it sounds. County is too expensive for our income!

The County services have always been expensive and in recent years it has finally been acknowlege that we and a lot of other cities can NOT afford them. Our city in conjunction with other cities are looking into the possibility of forming a joint Police Department. I have some apprehensions as to whether that will work or not. Years ago when we had millions of dollars of reserve in the General Fund, a plan was submitted to create our own Police Department. It was clear to me then and now it should have been adopted but it was not. We should be planning on it for our future.

Our contract for fire protection has only been looked into recently and was all set to pull the plug and go with a JPA (Joint Power Authority) but the council and staff did not do their home work. In short the city had to renew the contract for another year, but it will take longer then that. With proper planning, money, and grants it can be done. the very first thing that needs to be done is to build our own fire station downtown. That is because CalFire has said they will not share their fire station. The second thing is to have a dispatch operation. That is because whether we go on our own or a JPA with Idyllwild Fire District we will need it. 

Proper Medical care


Our city needs a modern hospital and we need 7 day Urgent Care Offices like they have in other cities.

Our city needs a modern hospital with all the personnel and equipment to perform any and all operation that a hospital would need to perform on it's patients. In addition, it needs to an emergency room that is properly equipped a properly staffed to care for patients in need of emergency treatment in a timely manner. Here are some facts you need to know! 

1) In the San Jacinto Valley, 50% of all people needing hospital care get it outside of this valley. Except in the case of my Orthopedic Surgeon, he states in his case it is 90% because the hospital in Hemet does not have all of the necessary equipment to perform his work. This should be that way.

2) There is a shortage of hospital beds in both Riverside County and San Bernardino County.

3) If this situation is corrected it would not only mean getting local hospital care but: A) More jobs   B) More revenue from multiple Sources   C) Higher average income, which would give other businesses a desire to locate here.

If I am elected I will make every effort to make this change happen because there is too much at stake NOT TO.

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