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March 3, 2020 — Primary Election
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Party Committee

Democratic Party County Central Committee — Democratic PartyCandidate for Member, Assembly District 18

Photo of Jose Carlos Moreno

Jose Carlos Moreno

Fulfillment Team Member
12,702 votes (2.29%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Strengthen the party to hold local politicians accountable and increase transparency. Party support should require higher standards, such as meaningfully working to solve community problems.
  • Engage voters in party activities and promote leadership and direct action to solve community problems. The public should be organized to find solutions or support charity in a systematic, meaningful way.
  • Get corporate money out of local politics. The party must forbid acceptance of large donations, which are a form of legal bribery.



California State University - East Bay B.A., Political Science, concentration Public Affairs and Administration (2018)


Jose Carlos is a lifelong resident of Alameda County; he graduated from Cal State East Bay with a degree in Political Science. He has been an active member of advocacy groups such as Students for Quality Education in college involved in awareness campaigns, rallies, and lobbying in the state capitol. Jose is currently actively involved in organizing tenants locally with Our Revolution San Leandro both for the formation of tenant unions as well as to pass a rent control initiative in San Leandro. 

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Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

I believe that we are responsible, all of us, for each others' well being. Society must be ordered in such a way that values people and our needs are solved as a community. It is wrong that our current society is structured around greed and personal interest over the common good. The problems we face seem difficult, but the solutions are simpler than they seem. We face a homeless crisis and a housing cost crisis, yet we have plenty of abandoned buildings and the cost of housing is artificial. We work long hours for little pay yet are more productive than ever. The problem is that those in power use their power for selfish ends which harm the vast majority of us. We need to promote both a culture of selflessness and community-wide teamwork as well as restructure our economy to serve we the people and not the wealthy few. We must be imaginative in our solutions and not imprisoned by the same few band aid "solutions" and uncritical rejection of new solutions. The needs of the community are first and foremost. No one has a right to ignore the suffering of others. We have the resources and the means to end material suffering, to truly prosper, we only lack the sufficient will; we can change that. 

The Democratic Party is supposed to be the party of the working class, of those who work hard to provide for their families and contribute to our communities, of those who are our communities and society itself. However, despite the Democratic dominance in government both at the state and local level, we continue to suffer multiple crisis, be it homelessness, rising housing costs, inadequate healthcare, living paycheck to paycheck, inadequate education and on and on. We face these problems not because they are difficult to solve, but because the Democratic party has refused to solve them. It has refused to even consider the necessary or potential solutions, it has failed to hold its members accountable. It has lost and continues to lose the trust of a very large portion of the public. For this I believe it must be renewed by an influx of new, willing, and selfless people from our communities rather than allow the same people who have failed us to govern. 

I believe the Democratic party must be strong, have a clear direction, and discipline its elected members so that they serve the common good, not themselves. As it currently stands the party is weak and is run by elected government officials rather than leading them. It has isolated itself to protect its self interests rather than engaging the public and organizing the public as full participants in improving our communities. The party must be systematic, comphrehensive, and measurable in its activities rather than the wasteful, ad-hoc, nebulous methods it currently employs. It must be led by ideals and not personalities. 

Things can and have become better, just as they have become worse, throughout all of history. It matters only how hard and how many fight for things to be better. The disillusionment of people with politics must be fought by earning their trust through persistent outreach and engagement, solutions that can meaningfully better their lives, unafraid to rebuild systems from the ground up, and proof that we mean what we say and that we are actually fighting hard for the common good. We must acknowledge the actual nature of society and government and not be restricted by the rules of a game that is rigged in favor of the corrupt few. We must engage not only in electoralism, but also in direct action, parallel organization, and starting with blank slates. 

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