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City of El CajonCandidate for City Council

Photo of Stephanie L. Harper

Stephanie L. Harper

6,452 votes (10.3%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Collaberating with other programs, asking County for funding and grants in order to solve our homeless problem.
  • Going through the budget and cutting out the wasteful spending so those funds may be put into projects that will benifit the community.
  • Cutting through the red tape in order to get the animal shelter built and re-opening the ECPAC, making sure we go solar.



Profession:Parent and Paralegal
Administrative Assistant, Firewatch (2010–2011)


Mira Costa College Certificate, Paralegal (2014)

Community Activities

Volunteer, Rock and Roll Marathon (2014–2014)



El Cajon is my hometown. I attended Pepper Drive and El Cajon Valley High School, class of 1991. Growing up I took singing, acting and dancing lessons. I was a member of “The Music School” here in El Cajon and I also played the accordion.  My childhood was a great one. Even though I had my daughter when I was only 17 years old, I still managed to attend college. I attended Mesa College where my major was Dramatic Arts, then I attended Mira Costa College where I received my paralegal certification.

The majority of my professional career (14 years) I was a Disc Jockey working on every military base here in San Diego entertaining our wonderful enlisted men and women. I owed my own mobile D.J. Company and I also was an Entertainment/ Event Coordinator, along with being a Wedding Coordinator. During this career I learned how to deal with different situations and to uphold myself in a professional manner at all times. I love working with people and am a natural leader.










Who supports this candidate?

Organizations (3)

  • San Diego County Democratic Party
  • East County Democratic Club
  • La Mesa/ Foothills Democratic Club

Individuals (2)

  • Dr. Bonnie Price
  • Jose Caballero

Questions & Answers

Questions from League of Women Voters of San Diego (1)

What is the most significant challenge facing the City of El Cajon, and if you are elected, what steps will you take to address it?
Answer from Stephanie L. Harper:

I believe the most significant challenge facing El Cajon is the growing homeless population.  If I am elected these are the steps I will take toward rectifying the situtation with our homeless population.  I would make sure that we are requesting all the funding we can from all of our sources (federal, state, and county).  I would collaborate with any type of homeless programs available that we may gather information from.  I would partner our homeless efforts with organizations like the Alpha Project and Dreams for Change. I would review programs that should be helping and make sure they are following processures and stop funding programs that are not helping.  Build a homeless shelter or issue conditional use permits for homeless shelters. Put more funding into Cris House and their programs for the homeless.

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy


I am the mother of two beautiful, loving human beings, I have the utmost respect for the law and those who uphold it. I was born in the United States of America. I am a taxpayer. I am poor. I love my flag, and I love this wonderful city that I live in.  Now, I maybe different than those around me, but those things I am proud to be. 

I guess I am one of those democratic believers that are different, because I still believe that the government is for the people by the people, not from the people for their pockets.  We the people need to make sure of that, in any and in every way, always.  We are trusting rich people who are just looking to keep us poor, so they can stay rich, to take care of our tax dollars in any way they see fit.

Taking care of our children, our future, that's what makes us Americans.  Making sure every child will grow up to have a better life than their parents did, that's what makes us American.  Standing tough, no matter what comes our way, that's what makes us American.  

Our fore fathers ran away only once and that was to come to this great land and not even before they got settled they came to take 'Her' away, but we fought and won 'Her' in fact she is still here today and will be tomorrow because Americans will never let FREEDOM get taken away. 

How great is the freedom we love so much if we don't ever use it? How wrong is it to abuse what we fought so hard to keep?

We take all our founding fathers died for and all the comforts we have because of that freedom and toss it out without a thought when we do things like, not voting or by letting our children not finish a free education.  Well it's no wonder why the rest of the world looks badly upon us. Doesn't it bother you when you have nothing and someone who has everything just wants for more? No appreciation for the many things that they already have and no want to give to those who have nothing.  Pretty awful huh?  Pretty selfish? That's you when you don't vote.

If things in our country seem like they are getting bad or that the government is doing wrong, guess whose fault that is? It is your fault. I am talking to every single American who is over the age of eighteen and do not VOTE, this is your fault.

People all over the World would kill and do kill to be able to vote on the things that their government will do, but we just brush it off as, “what can I do” or “my vote doesn't count”.  That way of thinking is so wrong, but just the way the MAN wants you to think, because that's the way he takes away your control over your life. 

I have heard so many different reasons why people just don't vote anymore and I have to say every reason is just a piss poor excuse for them to not be a part of their government, so of course 'for the people by the people', just goes right out the window because the people are giving up.  That is just what they want us to do.   The less they have to explain, the better, that way they can keep screwing us over and we just go along and take it.  They want you to think you don't make a difference, but we can make a difference, we can be real and check up on them and kick out of office the ones who are being greedy and messing things up for the rest of us. We are the difference and we make the difference by taking ten minutes out of our day on Tuesday, November 8th, and go vote. We will show those greedy people what we do to those who try to mess with America. . . . . We take it back. . . . We are the ones who are poor, broke, and feel as if we have no future. . . . We need to stand together! We need to weed out the liars!!! CHANGE WILL ONLY HAPPEN WHEN YOU VOTE.


Position Papers

City spending money where they want it, not where the citizens want it.


How much money is going into one project that council wants to do, while the projects the citizens want done are overlooked.

This project’s total funding basically has been already approved by the successor agency, so the need to waste the time to make this an agenda item and put it to a vote seems redundant. So instead of pleading my case on the careless spending of the taxpayer’s money on whatever council wants, I will just inform the citizens on how much this project is going to cost and what uses they will get from this project. Council has already approved the spending of $186,500.00 for Architectural Design, which is over the original quote by $37,000.000.  Council is now voting on awarding a bid for $1,349,800.00 for the construction -Buildings phase of this project. Total cost of project so far is $1,536,600.00.

How is this project going to demonstrate the city’s commitment to providing full and equal access at city recreation centers and parks? Can all of the city’s citizens use this wonderful facility or just the citizens who can afford it? If only the ones who can afford it can use it, how is that equal?   Also I believe the Marriott that is being built right now is going to have a similar facility as this one. This project is going to cost the citizens nearly 2 million dollars and even though this building is going to be a beautiful addition to our city, most of us will never get a chance to use it.  I can afford a $5 or even a $10 ticket to take my son to a play 

The city has already found the funding and are ready to start this project, why can’t someone get on their job and get our ECPAC repairs going as quick? This project is one that council wanted done, no citizen asked for these renovations, unlike the citizens who have appeared before council begging to have the repairing of our ECPAC started.  For six years’ council has promised to reopen and or start repairs and the citizens have fought to keep it.  But council still does things like 2015-2016 successor agency FY budget the Ronald Reagan Center received $100,000.00 more than ECPAC and this 2016-2017 FY budget $110,00.00 more than ECPAC.  What I would like to ask is that this item be tabled to redirecting these funds to be put into ECPAC this could be done by spreading out this project, possibly over the next few years.  If a motion could be made to put this item on hold till the next meeting giving the staff the time to UN-bundle this project and get feedback on the best way to allocate this funding to ECPAC first because this is what the people who pay your salaries and fiance these projects want. 


City giving out raises.


The local government giving themselves raises, to where we have employees making in one month what it takes our average citizen to make in one year.


The revision to policy A-29 adds a few new job titles, which I would assume means new jobs and that’s great. It also changes some items regarding the cafeteria benefit. But the revision that I have a problem with is the raises the city is giving to some employees. How can the city see fit to give raises like this and I am not talking about a cost of living increase, I am talking about employees making $13,000.00 a month? 

We are still the poorest city in San Diego County, so how can we afford to give raises to those who already make six figures?

We have citizens that are homeless, not just men but women and children too. These human beings are sleeping on the streets of our city and our city can’t afford to help. We have families that are struggling day to day, paycheck to paycheck, no way to pay for child care so they can work and the future for them is bleak but the city can’t afford to start any new programs that may help them out.

How can council justify this spending and sleep at night?  I am a simple Christian girl who believes that if we have more than we need then the rest is just greed.

Proverbs 28:6 Better is the poor that walketh in his uprightness, than he that is perverse in his ways though he be rich.


Videos (2)

Stephanie Harper at Politics in Paradise — September 23, 2016 Candidate

This is Stephanie Harper introducing herself to everyone at the Politics in Paradise.  Letting people know she is in the running and ready to win.

Stephanie Harper speaks at city council meeting — September 23, 2016 Candidate

Stephanie Harper letting city council know that what they are doing to the citizens is just wrong.  Speaking on amount of money Assistant City Manager makes.  All information came from city website.

Jan. 26, 2016

Candidate Contact Info

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