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November 8, 2016 — California General Election
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City of Del Mar
Measure Q Referendum - Majority Approval Required

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Election Results


1,732 votes yes (66.54%)

871 votes no (33.46%)

To provide funding for general city services and infrastructure projects, such as improvement of streets and sidewalks, utility undergrounding, public landscapes, improvement of community parks, trails and recreation facilities; police, crime prevention, fire prevention and other public safety services, shall an ordinance that establishes an ongoing one-cent sales tax be adopted, providing an estimated 2 million dollars annually for the City of Del Mar, requiring citizen oversight and independent audits, and all funds controlled locally?

What is this proposal?

Measure Details — Official information about this measure

YES vote means

A “Yes” vote is a vote in favor of the tax. 

NO vote means

A “No” vote is a vote against the tax. 


Del Mar City Attorney

Measure Q is a transactions and use tax within the City of Del Mar that would tax retail sales at one percent (1%) of the retail sales price, i.e. one cent for an item that costs one dollar


Del Mar City Attorney

The Del Mar City Council approved Measure Q at its meeting of August 1, 2016 and requested that San Diego County place Measure Q on the ballot at the November 8, 2016 general election. 

Impartial analysis / Proposal

Del Mar City Attorney

The current sales tax rate in Del mar [sic] is 8%. The City receives 1%. The State General Fund receives 3.9375%. San Diego County receives 1.8125%. Proposition 30 receives 0.25%. Proposition 172 receives 0.5% and SANDAG receives 0.5%

Measure Q is a “transactions and use tax” as opposed to a “sales tax.” A transactions and use tax is collected in the same manner as a traditional sales tax with minor exceptions. Measure Q would authorize a one percent (1%) transactions and use tax which would increase the combined sales tax rate in Del Mar to nine percent (9%). Taxes collected pursuant to Measure Q would be deposited into the City’s general fund and used for any purpose for which general fund revenues may be used. Measure Q is classified as a general tax and not a special tax. General tax proceeds may be used for any municipal purpose including, but not limited to, undergrounding utilities, street improvements, park improvements, police, fire, senior programs and youth programs. Retailers collect the tax from customers at the time of a retail purchase and remit the funds to the State Board of Equalization, which administers the tax. The tax will be paid by anyone, including residents of Del Mar, who purchase goods at retail establishments within Del Mar. In addition, Del Mar residents will be required to pay the tax when they purchase an automobile, boat or aircraft anywhere in California and register it to an address in Del Mar.

Measure Q requires oversight by a citizens committee. In addition, expenditures of Measure Q funds are subject to audit by the City’s auditors. Any report by the citizens committee as well as any audit are public records and available for inspection by any member of the public.

Measure Q will be approved if it receives a simple majority of “Yes” votes.


/s/ Leslie E. Devaney, City Attorney 

Financial effect

Del Mar City Attorney

Measure Q is estimated to generate approximately $2 million of revenue annually.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Arguments FOR



Based upon the goals of the Community Plan and community input, the City of Del Mar maintains a list of capital projects that are important to the community, but must be scheduled for completion over an extended period of time because funding is not available.

Increasing the sales tax rate by 1% enables the City to fund projects that are important to the community, but not yet included in the City budget such as Shores Park development, the undergrounding of utility wires, Streetscape, public landscapes, public safety and other General Fund projects.

At present Del Mar keeps 1% of the current 8% sales tax with the first 7% going to the State and County. The additional 1% increase would be fully retained by Del Mar. This increase would provide approximately $1.6 to $2.0 million per year in new revenues to help the City fund important projects.

Del Mar’s ability to increase the sales tax for local projects is subject to a District Sales Tax cap. This means that if the available sales taxes are approved for County purposes, the City of Del Mar may not be able to increase its sales tax rate. This measure would allow Del Mar to capture its fair share of sales tax revenues for Del Mar specific projects.

Finally, it is estimated that the millions of visitors to Del Mar each year pay over 80% of the sales tax collected in Del Mar. Residents pay less than 20% of the sales tax. In effect, the funding for these priority projects is being spread across the millions of visitors to Del Mar each year through this sales tax increase. In effect, visitors will then pay their fair share of costs to make improvements in Del Mar. 


Mayor, City of Del Mar

Chair, Del Mar Finance Committee

Member, Del Mar City Council

Past Chair, Del Mar Finance Committee

— San Diego County Registrar of Voters

Arguments AGAINST



No argument against Measure Q was filed in the office of the City Clerk 

— San Diego County Registrar of Voters

Replies to Arguments FOR


— San Diego County Registrar of Voters

Replies to Arguments AGAINST


— San Diego County Registrar of Voters

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