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November 8, 2016 — California General Election
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City of Encinitas
Measure T Referendum - Majority Approval Required

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Election Results


14,144 votes yes (44.08%)

17,943 votes no (55.92%)

Shall City Council Resolution No. 2016-52 and Ordinance No. 2016-04, which collectively update the City's General Plan Housing Element, amend related General Plan provisions, and amend Specific Plans, Zoning Code, Zoning Map, Municipal Code, and Local Coastal Program, in an effort to comply with State law, incentivize greater housing affordability, implement rules to protect the character of existing neighborhoods, maintain local control of Encinitas zoning, and resolve existing lawsuits, be adopted?

What is this proposal?

Measure Details — Official information about this measure


Encinitas City Attorney

The Encinitas City Council referred this Measure to the voters pursuant to Proposition A, which is codified in Encinitas Municipal Code Chapter 30.00, and further pursuant to the Settlement Agreements between the City and the Building Industry Association of San Diego County (BIA) and between the City and DCM Properties, Inc.

[quoted from final paragraph of City Attorney Impartial Analysis of Measure T]

Impartial analysis / Proposal

Encinitas City Attorney

This Measure reflects City Council actions taken to bring the City into compliance with State housing law. The State of California requires that all cities, as part of the General Plan, prepare a legally adequate Housing Element and implement its programs. The City Council prepared this comprehensive Housing Program to comply with such State law, including without limitation, encouraging the production of more affordable housing.

This Measure repeals the existing Housing Element of the General Plan, and enacts a new Housing Element that locates new potential housing sites, and incentivizes their development to allow for new housing, typically with mixed land uses. This Measure also creates a new land use designation in the General Plan’s Land Use Element (“At Home in Encinitas”) that allows existing uses to continue and thrive, while encouraging their transition to residential housing over time. This Measure also amends the General Plan Housing Element and Land Use Element to allow for three-story buildings, and amends the Noise Element to resolve internal inconsistencies and reflect contemporary noise standards for mixed land uses.

This Measure amends the North 101 Corridor Specific Plan to provide additional sites that accommodate mixed land uses involving residential housing, to remove prohibitions on ground floor housing, except in key centers, and to allow all lawful means of subdividing land regardless of housing type. The Downtown Encinitas, Encinitas Ranch and Cardiffby-the-Sea Specific Plans are also amended by this Measure to provide additional sites that accommodate mixed land uses involving residential housing.

This Measure also amends the City Zoning Code by adopting a new Chapter 30.36 to provide implementation standards relative to the new General Plan Housing Element, amended Land Use Element and other amendments relative to the City’s “At Home in Encinitas” Housing Program, including without limitation, new Design Guidelines to provide for development quality, the rezoning of existing sites to provide for adequate housing and to implement the amended General Plan Land Use Element’s land use map, and related changes required for consistency between the General Plan amendments, Specific Plan amendments and Zoning Code. This Measure also amends Chapter 30.00 of the City Zoning Code to allow three-story buildings on those sites designated “At Home in Encinitas.” However, in the Cardiff Town Center area, the height is limited to two stories. 

This Measure amends the Local Coastal Program by making a required request for California Coastal Commission certification of the changes to the land use policy and implementation framework to guide development in the Coastal Zone due to the abovedescribed amendments to the General Plan, Specific Plans, Zoning Code and Municipal Code that this Measure brings about. 

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For additional information and fully formatted/color documents, visit or contact the City Clerk at 760-633-2601. 

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Arguments FOR



Vote YES on the Encinitas Housing Plan.

Measure T will update the City's housing plan and provide for future housing in Encinitas.

Measure T was developed in public, by the public. This is YOUR plan--the "environmentally superior alternative"--developed after more than 140 public meetings. This plan puts any added growth in areas where it makes the most sense, taking into account economic vitality, neighborhood characteristics and traffic.

A Yes vote helps Encinitas retain its local land use control and brings the city into compliance with California housing laws. It reduces taxpayer risk from lawsuits like the three already filed against the City related to compliance with state housing law.

A Yes vote approves rules that require new housing to be compatible with the city's community character, but does not approve any specific projects. A Yes vote affects less than 1% of the city's total land area, distributed fairly across Encinitas.

A Yes vote will enable more housing choices for seniors, millennials, first time home buyers, and young families. This could be your parents, adult children, or even you as your needs change.

If we don't pass Measure T, a judge could impose a housing plan for future growth, or the city could lose its ability to make local land use decisions. Nothing would ruin our cherished community character faster than losing our self-determination when it comes to development.

A "No" vote could mean protracted and expensive legal battles, paid for by you, the taxpayers.

This housing plan allows for smaller, more accessible and affordable homes, and brings the city into compliance with California law.

This is your opportunity to vote on the housing plan. Use your right to vote and vote YES.



Deputy Mayor

Council Member

Council Member

Council Member

Council Member

— Encinitas City Clerk

Arguments AGAINST




SAVE OUR CITY. Passage of this measure will result in the following:

UPZONING. A minimum of 2,000 to 4,000 luxury condos and apartments to be built on 113 acres located at major intersections citywide, along El Camino Real, Encinitas Blvd., and Highway 101.
MIXED USE. Nearly all will be combined commercial and residential, fronting major roads.
HOUSING DENSITY. Increases current maximum to 30-41 units per acre.
BUILDING HEIGHT. Increases current maximum of 30 feet to 48 feet, 3 stories plus a livable attic.

TRAFFIC. 12,000 to 24,000 more cars on the road each day causing more congestion, strain on infrastructure, gridlock, and air pollution.
PARKING. Parking reduced to only 1 car per unit will force overflow into adjacent neighborhoods, lowering property values.

AFFORDABLE HOUSING. No guarantee any affordable housing will be built. All condos and apartments could be sold or rented at current market prices.
DENSITY BONUS. Developers have an incentive to increase the number of units by 35% over zoning. Density bonus can be invoked on the 113 rezoned acres and will not reduce the use of density bonus throughout the entire City.

COMMUNITY CHARACTER. Encinitas is the last of the small towns in coastal Southern California. Approval will destroy, not protect, our beach town. It will remove many of the protections of Prop A, the Right to Vote initiative passed in 2013.

CITY STAFF CONTROL. 90% of developers' projects will be approved by one unelected staff member without Planning Commission, City Council, and public input.

VOTE NO ON MEASURE T. Preserve our small town character. Retain all provisions of Prop A.

Committee Opposing Encinitas Measure T |  |  760-94NoOnT (760-946-6668)


Leader of Encinitas Incorporation

San Diego County Supervisor, D3;
Encinitas Mayor 1990

President, Love Harder Project Inc.

Retired Major League Baseball Coach/Musician

Former Planning Commissioner/
Prop A Spokesperson

— Encinitas City Clerk

Replies to Arguments FOR



In the ballot measure description and the argument in favor, NOTHING describes precisely what you are asked to approve: NO mention of UPZONING, NO mention of commercial and residential MIXED USE, NO mention of reduced parking requirements on new projects, NO mention of increased building heights to 48 feet, NO requirement of one single affordable house to be built, NO mention of the windfall profits for lucky property owners, and NO mention of the increases in traffic, carbon emissions, and strains on infrastructure.

Only by reading all 230 pages of the measure do you know all the details. Design guidelines such as parking and setbacks can be waived by the unelected Director of Planning. INCONSISTENT with Prop A: changes height measurement, eliminates future update votes, adds livable attic.

The Global Warming Solutions Act is ignored. Only superficial Environmental Impact Reports were done with NO vetting by our own Environmental Commission. Vote NO to preserve our unique Southern California beach town and prevent higher density. Inexpensive housing cannot be built because our land is too expensive.

Glen Campora, Director of the Department of Housing and Community Development, confirmed publicly the State never sues a city for not passing a housing element update, but only finds for compliance. Lawsuits from developers could result in a judge ordering another vote. Do not let Encinitas be held hostage by a few developers.

NO on Measure T. Send it back and demand a better plan.

Committee Opposed to Encinitas Measure T | 
760-94NoOnT (760-946-6668)


Ret. Atty

Business Executive

Attorney & Former Mayor of Encinitas

Communications Professional


— Encinitas City Clerk

Replies to Arguments AGAINST



Vote YES to save Encinitas from fiscal harm, create affordable housing and comply with the law.

Measure T is your plan--the environmentally superior alternative. Opponents do not offer a plan to comply with state law.

Without Measure T, the City continues to be exposed to expensive lawsuits because we do not comply with state law. Plain and simple, we must follow the law. Rejecting Measure T won't eliminate State housing requirements or make housing more affordable. But it does place our beloved community at risk.

Voting YES allows Encinitas to control land use and protect community character. New projects with 10 or more units must include deed-restricted affordable housing and all projects must meet community-sensitive design guidelines.

Don't be fooled by opponents' misleading claims. Measure T is consistent with Prop A. Less than 1% of Encinitas' land area will be affected. All Measure T projects will go to Planning Commission for public review. The nay-sayers offer no solutions, risk more lawsuits and offer no housing strategy.

The scenarios in the opposing argument are scare tactics. Zoning changes are needed so we can allow for less expensive housing. Our cherished community character will benefit from homes that are more affordable for our seniors, our kids, and ourselves.

Everyone agrees Encinitas needs more housing diversity. Measure T is an important step in this direction.

Vote YES on Measure T to protect Encinitas taxpayers, offer housing choices and comply with the law.


New Encinitas Parent and
Former Planning Commissioner

Cardiff Parent and
Former Planning Commissioner

Leucadia Parent and
Former Planning Commissioner

Encinitas Senior Commission Member

Leucadia Resident & Investment Advisor

— Encinitas City Clerk

Who supports or opposes this measure?

Yes on Measure T

Organizations (2)

Elected & Appointed Officials (0)
No on Measure T
Organizations (0)
Elected & Appointed Officials (0)

More information

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Contact Info

Yes on Measure T
"At Home in Encinitas" (City of Encinitas)
Phone: 760-633-2710
505 S. Vulcan Avenue
Encinitas, CA 92024-3633
No on Measure T
Committee Opposed To Encinitas Measure T
Phone: 760-94NoOnT (760-946-6668)
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