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November 8, 2016 — California General Election
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Oceanside Unified School DistrictCandidate for Trustee

Photo of Eleanor Juanita Evans

Eleanor Juanita Evans

Classroom Teacher
15,281 votes (24.26%)Winning
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Prioritize fiscal resources to best benefit our students in Oceanside Unified School District now and in the future.
  • Act to foster change, transparency, and accountability within the Oceanside Unified School District to benefit our students and our Oceanside Community
  • Advocate for our teachers, staff, and parentsand establish a partnership of learning for students that will provide educational excellence, safe learning enviornments, and global economic competitiveness.



Profession:Classroom Teacher
Classroom Teacher; Mentor Teacher, San Diego Unified School District (1998–current)
California Teachers Association State Council Representative Member, California Teachers Association State Council Representative Assembly — Elected position (2005–2014)
San Diego Education Association Board of Directors, San Diego Education Association — Elected position (2005–2011)
Commissioner, State of California Board of Education,State of California Legislative Assembly President Pro Tempore, Darrell Steinberg — Appointed position (2010–2010)
Classroom Teacher; Administrator, Oceanside Unified School District (1988–1998)
Race/Human Relations Corps Advisor, Teacher Corps Team Leader, San Diego Unified School District (1968–1998)
Adjunct Professor of Economics/ San Diego State Univ. College Supervisor, MiraCosta College; San Diego Community College/ San Diego State University (1975–1992)
Representative, 79th Assemblly District Central Committee Representative — Elected position (1972–1980)
Representative, State Central Committee, State of California — Appointed position (1974–1980)
Director Youth Conservation Corps, U.S.Forest Service, Department of Agriculture (1975–1977)


University of San Diego and San Diego State University National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowships, English Language Literature Writings "Imperial I" and Social Sciences: War and Religion(2006) (2006)
San Diego State University English Language Development and English Language Learners Specially Designated Academic Instruction in English , Instructional strategies designated to promote acquisition of English by students who primary lanuage is not English (2002)
University of San Diego Fellowship, National Endowment for the Humanities, Humanities/English Literature, First Person Narrative Writing (1997)
San Diego State University Master of Science, Counseling (1974)
San Diego State University Bachelor of Arts, Economics; Social Sciences with an emphasis in Economics for teaching (1967)

Community Activities

Member/Volunteer, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) (1959–current)
Secretary, San Diego California Teachers Association Executive Committee, San Diego County Service Center Council (2003–2016)
Secretary, North County LGBTQ Board of Directors, North County LGBTQ Board of Directors (2015–2016)
Treasuer/Secretary, County of San Diego Urban League (1974–1987)


      Eleanor Juanita Evans is endorsed by the following organizations: Oceanside Teachers Association;  California Teachers Association;  North County Labor Alliance;  San Diego-Imperial Counties Central Labor Council.

Eleanor Juanita Evans is a dedicated classroom teacher and  community activist.  For her, "Education is the new civil rights for the 21st Century." W.E.B. DuBois 

      Eleanor Juanita Evans' concern for education and human rights extends from the civil rights struggle of the sixties: writer, consultant for the Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) at San Diego State University; consultant to the President of San Diego State University in the areas of equal housing, employment, academics to the political activism of the seventies: 79th Assembly District County Central Committee; California State Central Committee; National Council of Negro Women (NCNW), Employment Resource Development and Skills Training establishing employment centers and adequate housing in Alabama and Mississippi.  As a member of Timely Investment Club, she helped to build quality affordable single family homes in San Diego County.

     Focusing on the economic development of the eighties, Eleanor Juanita Evans was the nation's youngesst person to be selected on an Urban League Board of Directors.  She helped to establish the County of San Diego Urban League Computer Skill Training Center.  As an executive officer for the County of San Diego Urban League, she was one of the lead coordinators for the Costco Gateway Market Street Shopping Center-a multi-million dollars project which has provided thousand of jobs in San Diego County.  Ms. Evans was the first Black/African American and first woman to be appointed as the Director of the Yoouth Conservation Corps, Department of Agriculture, United States Forest Service (Palomar Forest, Luguna Mountain Range and Alaska Canada Trail).  As a member and Awards Banquet Chair of the  San Diego National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), she actively collaborated to ensure the success of the NAACP.  As a Black/African American and as a female, Ms. Evans was the first adjunct professor, Department of Economics, Mira Costa College and San Diego Community College.  As the originator, writer of a family counseling pilot project bridging establishing collaboration, harmony, and communication among students (elementary and secondary), educators, parent, stakeholders, and community, this model was successfully adopted and implemented by various social service agencies, school districts, community organizations, and the United States Federal Department of Educcation.  Ms. Evans was a classroom teacher and the fourth Black/African American Administrator for Oceanside Unified School District.  As an educator for San Diego Unified, she has been Teacher Corps Team Leader;District Office Race/Human Relations Facilitator/Advisor ; substitute principal; and classroom teacher. 

     In the 21st Century, Ms. Evans is a veteran of the Board of Directors, San Diego Education Association; California Teachers Association State Council Representative Assembly (representing 325,000 educators); Executive Officer, San Diego California Teachers Association Steering Committee; Representative to the National Education Association nearly 3 million members); National Education Association Resolutions  Policy Committee; delegate to the San Diego-Imperial Counties Central Labor Council.  Eleanor Juanita Evans was appoiinted as a State Commissioner by the State of California Legislative Assembly President Pro Tempore to write the California Common Core Academic State Standards for English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Literacy in the Social Sciences and Sciences.  In addition, Eleanor Juanita Evans has served for over ten years as one of the Commissioners for Credential Proficiency Commission (CPC), State of California Department of Education  which focuses on credential and employment continuation/discontinuation of educators.  In 2014, Ms. Evans was appoiinted to the North County Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Human Resource Center Board of Directors.  As a member of the Safe Schools Anti-Bullying Program,San Diego Unified Schools,  she was involved in writing the Safe Schools Policy Statement which became a nationwide policy statement adopted by a great many school districts.

     In 2015, the California Teachers Association (CTA) 325,00 members awarded Eleanor Juanita Evans the  CTA Member Human Rights Award for her outstanding services in human rights. 

      Eleanor Juanita Evans is an advocate for our teachers, staff, and parents to create a partnership of learning.  She is a communicator, colllaborator, and responsive listener who will act to create changes to benefit you, our students, and our community of Oceanside.  Ms. Evans believes the Oceanside School District Board of trustee must have transparency and accountability in operating.  Eleanor Juanita Evans believes that our limited resources must be prioritized where they most benefit students.

      Eleanor Juanita Evans is a problem-solver who will ask the tough questions to seek clarity and ensure our Oceanside students' academic success in school. 

     Si! Se Puede



Who supports this candidate?

Featured Endorsements

  • California School Employees Association
  • Oceanside Teachers Association
  • North County Labor Alliance

Organizations (2)

  • California Teachers Association
  • San Diego Imperial Counties Central Labor Council

Questions & Answers

Questions from League of Women Voters of California Education Fund (1)

A recent law made major changes in the way that the state allocates funding to schools. What will you do to ensure that the public understands your local control formula for school spending and your plan to measure outcomes?
Answer from Eleanor Juanita Evans:

      Establish a Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) in collaboration with the public will establish transparency and engagement. The  public will understand how funds are being spent.  Identify, define what are the priorities; how we will address those priorities, success with those priorities will be a means to measure outcomes. Information sharing with parents and stakeholders, communicating early and frequently with parents, stakeholders. Collaborating with parents, school site councils, stakeholders for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the Local Control Formula Funding is essential to successfully; enable Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) to succeed and the public to understand the LCFF. Involve our parents if we want to engage our students. We must Talk to, talk with but not talk at parents and stakeholders.  All may have different levels of understanding of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) but all are to be respected and honored. We each have our own values and beliefs but we can collaborate and cooperate to ensure  quality education and equity in education for all our students.  Our parents', community's, and stakeholders' educational priorities, challenges, and concerns are to be voiced, heard, and given a response. It is imperative that transparency is a component of the LCFF.  As your Oceanside School Board Trustee, I will communicate and collaborate  to plan, implement, evaluate and then again plan, implement, and evaluate (continuous reviewing) the LCAP and LCFF and be flexible and accepting of changes. 

     Oceanside is a highly diversified community with a multitude of languages spoken within the community, ALL parents must have language accessibility to both LCAP and LCFF to ensure positive two-way participation, support, and ownership.  To measure outcomes for LCFF, the LCAP's goals/priorities should be establish to demonstratertion that actions, services, expenditures changes improved relative to the funding: reduced absenteeism and suspensions, increases student enrollment and the number of AP classes.  We must discuss with parents and stakeholders what was successful and what can be improved. An increase in parents' and stakeholders' positive participation, engagement  and support for our educational issues is a means to measure outcome. Has there be an increase in the qualative and quantity students' achievement?   Establishing a Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) for each school and for the Oceanside School District  will be the means to determine if Local Control Formula Funding is successful.  A well thought-out and well-planned LCAP for schools and the district will ensure that the public understands and  supports the schools.


Questions from League of Women Voters of North County San Diego (1)

What is the most significant challenge facing the Oceanside Unified School District, and if you are elected, what steps will you take to address it?
Answer from Eleanor Juanita Evans:

The most significant challenge  is student underachievement with consequent decreasing student enrollment. Approximately sixty-eight percent (68%) of the students who attend schools in Oceanside come to school speaking a primary language other than English.  All students must have access to a rigorous core curriculum at the same academic level as provided to proficient English speakers.   As a responsive listener on the Oceanside Unified School Board, I will be in communication with students, parents, and stakeholders to develop a proactive dynamic  rigorous educational program which engages students, and provides skills for success, quality preparation for career opportunities, high paying jobs, and community job growth:

         1. It is at Middle School, that students decide if they are going to be readers or nonreaders; therefore, we need to increase reading level with professional development in teaching reading and reduce class size

         2.  Extended school day and extended school year to extend the learning time for all students

         3. Beginning in preK and continuing into secondary, enable students to learn about a variety of careers throughout their own educational careers, expose all students to positive events, culture awareness, ethnic studies.

          4. Parents are the students' first teachers and should continue to be strong involvement factor in the child's education whether elementary or secondary.




Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

If you believe in the Constitution of the United States then Vote for Eleanor Juanita Evans

If you believe in the Bill of Rights then vote for Eleanor Juanita Evans

If you believe in equity in education then vote for Eleanor Juanita Evans

If you believe in educational excellence and equality in education then vote for Eleanor Juanita Evans

If you believe a child's residential zip code or residence school should not determine his/her quality and quantity of education, educational services, educational programs

If you believe in social justice then vote Eleanor Juanita Evans

If you believe in ethic then vote for Eleanor Juanita Evans


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