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November 8, 2016 — California General Election
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San Marcos Unified School DistrictCandidate for Trustee

Photo of Victor Graham

Victor Graham

Business Owner/Parent
13,445 votes (15.67%)Winning
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • More freedom for teachers to use their years of experience and proven results instead of untested Common Core and not forcing teachers to join a union to be hired and then having no voice in how those funds are spent.
  • More freedom for parents and students by allowing parents and students to choose the best schools, public, private or home schooling to further their children's education.
  • More freedom for taxpayers by allowing local administrations to use the products and services they think would work the best and allowing competition to produce the best education for the best value.



Profession:Small Business Owner and Parent
Director, Graham Consulting (2010–current)
Member of the Committee, San Marcos Budget Review Committee — Appointed position (2013–current)
Member of the Board, San Marcos Economic Development Corporation — Appointed position (2013–2015)
Citizen Budget Review Committee, Palomar Health — Elected position (2011–2012)
Product Marketing Manager, Hewlett-Packard Corporation (1995–2010)


State University of New York at Stony Brook Bachelor of Engineering Degree from SUNY at Stony Brook, Engineering Science, majoring in electrical and mechanical engineering (current)
University of Oregon Completed 1/3 of an MBA degree, Majored in International Finance and Marketing (current)
State University of New York and the University of Oregon Bachelor of Engineering Degree, Physics, Chemistry, Math, Electronics, Economics and other MBA level courses (current)
State University of New York at Stony Brook Engineering degree, Electrical and Mechanical engineering (current)

Community Activities

Usher, Emanuel Faith Community Church (1982–current)



My wife and I are proud parents of two children who have attended San Marcos Unified School District from Kindergarten through High School. Later they graduated Palomar and then USC and UCSD. My wife earned her Master of Education degree from the University of Oregon and I hold a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. I was a successful product marketing manager with Hewlett-Packard and am the owner of a small business in San Marcos. I also served on the San Marcos Budget Review Committee and with the San Marcos Economic Development Corporation.




My wife taught in public and private schools and even started a Kindergarten curriculum from scratch at a new school in Oregon before we were married. She has been instrumental in teaching our two children and augmenting their public schooling. I remember a time when my son’s excellent math teacher was not allowed to use a textbook that produced much better results than the one forced on her by the state. She was not allowed to use the knowledge she gained through her many years of teaching which discouraged her and made me realize that more flexibility was needed. The focus of producing the best results for students was replaced with top-down mandated conformity. The teacher’s many years for experience, was unfortunately lost and students suffered. This and other experiences encouraged me to become more actively involved and apply for the open San Marcos Unified School board position.




I would like to use my many years of work and child-rearing experience to provide a better education for every student in the district. I want to see more education decisions being made at the local level, closer to the problem, rather than at the state and federal level. I want to give a greater voice to students and parents who desire the best education possible for their children. I would like teachers to be given more freedom to join or not join a union and to be able to use their experience to produce the best results for their students. I also want to represent the district residents who may not have children in school, but want the best value for their tax dollars.




I humbly ask for your vote. Thank you.


Who supports this candidate?

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Organizations (4)

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  • Vote Conservative San Diego
  • San Diego Tax Fighters
  • San Diego Republican Party

Elected Officials (4)

  • County Board of Education Mark Wyland
  • Assemby Member District 75 Marie Waldron
  • Vallecitos Water Board member Mike Sannella
  • Cajon Valley Union School District board member Jo Alegria

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

I am a Constitutional Conservative.

Position Papers

Campaign Platform


Plan to have more local control, higher quality education, more efficient use of tax dollars and more freedom for teachers.


More local control


Problems are best solved locally; close to the problem where nearby resources can be utilized most efficiently. Too often state and federal control slows the process and forces a “one-size fits all” solution that produces inferior results and a more costly solution. I believe local administrations along with the accumulated knowledge of the teaching staff, produces better results. That is why I am opposed to the Common Core curriculum that has not be independently tested, but imposed by politicians without using the knowledge of education professionals. Teachers are forced to use unproven and antiquated methods in math and English for grades K-12, so teachers are unable use their years of experience to generate better results for their students.


 Higher quality education


As in all products and services that we purchase, competition is what produces better results at a lower cost. This is also true with education. Allowing parents and students to take their tax dollars to whatever accredited institution that they feel will produce the best results, will benefit all students. The lower performing schools will be motivated to improve the quality of education they offer and the better performing schools will also be motivated to increase their quality to keep their current students. All components of education win. Students receive a better education, parents become more actively involved in the decision and taxpayers can pay less for a better education experience.


More efficient use of tax dollars


We all want to produce the best education results with the limited resources the district has. Tight economic times require us to do more with less. This is also true with education. By implementing the use of competition with a parent/student voucher system or school choice, with foster a better service at a lower cost. By utilizing local control, resources can be used faster and more innovation solutions can be used that will also reduce costs. Allowing local schools to purchase products and services that better meet their needs without having to use contracts agreed to by state or county boards, will further provide more flexibility and often at lower prices. Providing more freedom to teachers will allow them to use what they know works based on their firsthand knowledge, which will improve results and lower costs.


More freedom for teachers


Teachers want the best for their students and spend many years learning what works and what does not. Unfortunately they are often restricted in using that knowledge to better the lives of their students. They are often forced to join a union in order get or keep their current position. I believe teachers should be free to choose if they want to be affiliated with a union and only be accountable to doing what is best for their students. The Bill of Rights guarantees freedom of speech and right to assembly which should also be allowed for teachers and their administration.


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