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November 6, 2018 — Elección General de California

Distrito Escolar Unificado de EncinitasCandidato para Miembre de Junta

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Christian S. Adams

Parent/Environmental Businessman
11,373 votos (28.2%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Screen Time. We need to take a look at the amount and quality of screen time at school. Screens should enhance learning. Monitoring screen time needs to be established with buy in from parents and teachers.
  • Leadership. It's good to allow each school to have some autonomy. However, the district needs to take more of a leadership role. Each school should have a program that combats bullying by teaching kids empathy and sympathy.
  • Term Limits. We need term limits. Two to three terms (8-12 years) is more than enough. This will keep the community and parents involved and engaged and combat complacency by sitting board members.



Christian Adams has a first grade daughter at Park Dale Lane Elementary and a son entering Kindergarten this fall. He has been in the renewable energy industry specifically solar for over 13 years. He has run several companies and navigated successfully through some volatile times in the industry.  He was elected to and sits on the Site Council at Parkdale Lane and serves as a commissioner on the Encinitas Environmental Commission. 

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

A few months after my daughter started kindergarten at our public school in Encinitas I asked my wife when they started teaching Spanish. To my surprise, she said they didn’t. I then started getting more involved with the school. I was elected to the Site Council which is a group of teachers, parents, and employees that evaluate improvement programs and school budgets. I also started to attend school board meetings and talk to other parents and teachers.

There was a common story I often heard with parents or teachers that had an issue arise. They felt the school board didn’t really listen to them. They were told their issue was a one-off situation. However, many knew their situation was not unique. There also seemed to be a communication problem on many initiatives and programs.

I also noticed that there were some fantastic programs going on in the district at certain schools. Two schools have a dual language program, a couple more received prestigious civics awards, and there was some very successful project learning to happen. However, if you didn’t go to that specific school, no Spanish or civics. If you didn’t get that specific teacher chances are you wouldn’t have a project learning. In short, the exceptional work wasn’t being translated to the masses.

As I observed over many months the board seemed to sign off on anything the district set out to do without asking questions or doing the due diligence many of us assumed was happening. Many have been in service on the board for a long time. And if one didn’t know any better the board meetings seem to only focus on how great everything is.

I’ve been in the solar industry for 12 years and managed businesses through turbulent times. Although our schools are good I think they can be exceptional. I would work to have a Spanish program at all schools. Have a bullying/emotional teaching component that is required on a regular basis. I’d initiate an accountability program around screen time so parents can see exactly how much and what kind of screen time their children are receiving.

This will also help teachers monitor how much they are using screens so it’s not overused. There are expenditures like the Farm Lab that cost a lot of money. We need to scrutinize and know exactly how much we are paying and what the product is currently and will yield in the future. This then needs to be communicated effectively. We need to promote and support more project learning in all schools at all levels.

My wife and I have a daughter in first grade and a son entering kindergarten this fall.

These issues are not just for my kids but my community. I’d like to see term limits on the board. This ensures different community members and parents are more involved and utilizes different talents and new ideas. Term limits would rebuff any chance of complacency. Unfortunately, the established members of the current board shot down any efforts to pass term limits this past spring.

The underlying theme with all these issues seems to be transparency and communication. We deserve a board that serves the parents and community. That questions what we are doing and if we can do it better. A board that listens and takes action on parents concerns. We shouldn't feel that the district is a place where we get stonewalled. The people are there to serve. We need term limits, accountability, transparency, and more questioning. This will put us on the right path to becoming more than just one of the leading school districts in the country on paper, but also in reality.

This is why a change is needed and why I’m running for the EUSD school board.


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