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November 6, 2018 — Elección General de California

Distrito de Escuelas Secundarias Unificado de FallbrookCandidato para Miembre de Junta

Photo de Diane Summers

Diane Summers

Retired School Teacher
6,751 votos (40%)Winning
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Academic rigor for all cognitive levels along with a higher graduation rate than 85%
  • Choices for all srudents so they can achieve the American Dream of the future
  • Safe & Anti-bullying policies and support programs



Pacific Oaks College, Pasadena Master of Arts, Human Development (1990)
UCLA, Extention Teaching (Ryan) Credential, Vocational Education & Community College (1987)
California State, Fullerton Bachelor of Science,, Child Development (1985)


Retired High School Teacher & Community College Instructor 

Elected member of San Diego Association for the Education of Young Children, Executive Board.

Volunteer for the Boys & Girls Club for three years recieving the Volunteer of the Year Award

Author of "Parenting Outside the Box" used as a text for college classses

Lecturer for parenting groups and college classes


Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de The League of Women Voters North County San Diego (4)

What are the pressing problems of this school district, in your opinion, and what experience do you bring to the Board that will help address these problems?
Respuesta de Diane Summers:



I feel that the pressing problem with Fallbrook District is their overall rating of average.  Three years ago, there was an administrative shift and overall testing grades dropped hurting college readiness and fifteen percent are not graduating. While a group of top performing students have excelled, those in the middle and lower spectrum are struggling, especially the special ed department with a below average rating. It seems the cause has to do with budget imbalance, funds floating to the top and cuts at the bottoms. Add autocratic governance of not listening to staff and making arbitrary decisions to the detriment of student and teachers’ welfares.

The new governing board should start with reducing the administrative costs Then they should meet with teachers and classified staff for their suggestions to reverse this situation. I would like to see tutor stipends for teachers reinstated to improve college readiness, help the B students become A students. Then a peer tutor program would help the C students become B students. To motivate the special ed program, vocational internships need to be reinstated. Lastly, reinstate the positive parenting program for family support.

What is your view of charter schools?
Respuesta de Diane Summers:




My opinion concerning charter schools is that are not going to go away. They also present many problems to the community because special education and English learners are generally left out of their programs. Also, private ownership is usually disingenuous to the teachers who generally do not receive comparative salaries and benefits of the typical state staffs. They should not have the status of private or parochial schools when the state is funding them. I agree with the California Teacher’s Association that the standards of the public schools need to match all charter school and not just some of them. At this time, this not seem to be the case.

Should the district curb its school choice initiatives (for students who are not in charter schools), so that more students stay in their neighborhood schools? Why or why not?
Respuesta de Diane Summers:

Fallbrook already restricts school choice and I am supportive of that policy. Certian exceptions need to be reviewed on an individual basis with guidelines agreeded upon by the board and administration.

Are there school discipline strategies or behavioral support programs that you find appealing alternatives to exclusionary or punitive discipline? If so, which ones, and why?
Respuesta de Diane Summers:

The strategiy for discipine I prefer ais called Contlict Resolution where the parties involve review the situation and agree to a solution. If the problem is not resolved then intervention by staff is the best choice. Fallbrook has been criticised as doing excessive suspentions which seem to me as punishment and not getting to the cause. It is always best to work on the cause so reaccurances can be avoided.

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

My Political Philosophy

I am a social justice advocate and see myself as a moderate or balanced person when it comes to a political philosophy. The graduate school I went to, Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena basically created Anti-Bias Curriculum. Since I graduated with a master’s degree from there, I have been aware of things like inclusion vs exclusion in our society. Things that matter to me are conflict resolution for discipline situations where both parties work at an agreeable solution for conflicts. With students this works best with adult trained support and follow up programs if needed. As a trustee for Fallbrook High School District, I believe equal respect and diligence for positive outcomes will be how things can be accomplished. At this time, the  “house”  system which was implemented two years ago, where the high school is divided into three separate groups has fallouts that need to be corrected. Basically staff is divided without consideration of subject departments where teachers have opportunity to collaborate and mentor each other for the student’s highest good. Other issues that exist are scheduling classes and impacting an opportunity for a variety of choices.

I also feel it is important for all students to discover themselves as part of their education. This can be done offering elective classes, vocational training, clubs, sports programs along with academic rigor for all cognitive levels. In other words, all the students in the community need to have equal chance to succeed. The fact that 15% are not currently graduating really bothers me and I would like to see that improved with better counseling, parent intervention, and making sure all students feel safe and have the ability to succeed. I believe that bullying is a prevalent reason for many problems and a policy of anti-bullying is essential for any school district along with reoccurring inservice training for all staff.

Finally, the foundation of any organization is the budget. I have been distressed to witness a lot of anxiety at the last March board meeting where teachers of long standing were given notices of termination because there was not enough funds. When in fact, the administration is so out of balance that they had to pay a $13,000 fine for having too much of the budget being spent for administration salaries. This situation needs to be adjusted so teachers and students benefit optimally to the benefit of the whole community

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