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November 6, 2018 — Elección General de California

Solana Beach School DistrictCandidato para Miembre de Junta

Photo de Debra H. Schade

Debra H. Schade

Governing Board Member, Solana Beach School District
9,732 votos (48.2%)Winning
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • CHILDREN FIRST: Providing an academically rigorous education, rich in diversity, meeting each child’s individual needs in a safe and supportive learning environment remains my highest priority. Put CHILDREN FIRST in all decisions.
  • COOPERATIVE PARTNERSHIPS: Maintain strong support, communication and cooperative partnership between parents, families, teachers, community, and administration that cultivates academic achievement for ALL students.
  • EXCELLENCE: Maintain small class size, recruit and retain outstanding staff, maintain excellent academic programs, manage growth and voter-approved modernization projects, sound fiscal responsibility for long term financial health.



Profesión:President, Solana Beach School District Board
Business Analyst, IP Video Networks, Inc. (2007–current)
Board Member, Solana Beach School District — Cargo elegido (2002–current)
Delegate Region 17 (San Diego and Imperial Counties), California School Boards Association — Cargo elegido (2015–current)
Vice President, San Diego County School Boards Assocation — Cargo elegido (2015–current)
Board Member, League of Amazing Programmers — Cargo designado (2016–current)
Research Associate, San Diego State University Research Foundation (1996–1998)
Research Associate, University of Alabama (1992–1996)
Faculty, University of California, San Diego (1986–1992)


University of Alabama Doctor of Philosophy PhD, Public Health (1996)
University of Arizona Masters of Science M.S., Exercise Science (1986)
Auburn University Bachelors of Science B.S., Business Administration (1982)

Actividades comunitarias

Parent Volunteer, Teen Volunteers in Action (2009–2016)
Athletic Liaison, Canyon Crest Academy Foundation (2010–2013)
Chapter President, Kids Korps USA (2002–2006)
Board Member, Solana Beach Schools Foundation (2000–2003)
Site Council President, Solana Vista Elementary (2000–2003)


As an active leader in education, I have been involved as a volunteer and advocate for the past 18 years.  I have served as a classroom volunteer, founder of Skyline’s Young Scientist Club, PTA member, Foundation Site President and School Site Council President.  During my tenure on the board I have served as Board representative to various district and regional committees including North County Consortium for Special Education (NCCSE), San Dieguito Alliance for Drug Free Youth, District School Safety Committee, District Strategic Planning Committee, District Wellness Committee, Child Nutrition Focus Group, Facilities Master Planning Committee, District Envision Team (STREAM), District Recycling Committee, District Design Committees for Solana Ranch, Skyline and Solana Vista Elementary and the Solana Beach Schools Foundation.  

I have over 35 years in technology, health research, business and education. I have an advanced degree in Public Health and prioritize educating the whole child.  I currently serve as an elected State Delegate for the California School Board Association (CSBA) and am Vice President of the San Diego School Board Association.  I am also a CSBA Masters in Governance graduate. I serve on the board of a computer science education non profit targeting underserved youth and low income communities in San Diego.

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Featured Endorsements

  • DEDE ALPERT California State Senator, retired
  • LESLIE FAUSSET Former California Chief Deputy of Public Instruction
  • BARBARA BRY Council President Pro Tem, San Diego City Council

Organizaciónes (3)

  • Run Women Run
  • Evolve California
  • Parents, Teachers, Community Members and Solana Beach School District Employees

Funcionarios electos (21)

  • RICK SHEA Trustee, San Diego County School Board
  • JULIE UNION Board Vice President, Solana Beach School District
  • TAMARA OTERO President, San Diego County School Boards Association
  • KATIE DEXTER Director Region 17, California School Boards Association
  • BETH HERGESHEIMER Board President, San Dieguito Union High School District
  • JUDY HEGENAUER Solana Beach City Council
  • LESA HEEBNER Solana Beach City Council
  • JEWEL EDSON Deputy Mayor, Solana Beach City Council
  • STEVEN HENRIKSEN PhD Former Trustee, Solana Beach School District
  • JEFF BUSBY Former Trustee, Solana Beach School District
  • DAVID ZITO Mayor, City of Solana Beach
  • JILL MACDONALD Former Trustee, Solana Beach School District
  • HOLLY LEWRY Trustee, Solana Beach School District
  • RICH LEIB Trustee, Solana Beach School District, UC Board of Regents
  • SARAH NEAL Trustee, Rancho Santa Fe School District
  • CAROL SKILJAN Former Trustee, Encinitas School District
  • MARLA STRICH Trustee, Encinitas School District
  • ERICA HALPERN Trustee, Del Mar School District
  • JOYCE DALESSANDRO Trustee, San Dieguito Union High School District
  • AMY HERMAN Trustee, San Dieguito Union High School District
  • PETER ZAHN Solana Beach City Council

Individuos (7)

  • ELLIE TOPOLOVAC Former Superintendent, Solana Beach School District, retired
  • MICHAEL CASEY President, SBSD Prop JJ Independent Citizens Oversight Committee
  • AMY FLICKER SDUHSD Prop AA Independent Citizens Oversight Committee
  • RHEA STEWART SDUHSD Prop AA Independent Citizens Oversight Committee
  • SARAH WILEY HENRIKSEN Past President, Casa de Amistad
  • VIC WINTRISS Founder and Board Chair, League of Amazing Programmers
  • DIANE WINTRISS Founder, League of Amazing Programmers

Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de The League of Women Voters North County San Diego (4)

What are the pressing problems of this school district, in your opinion, and what experience do you bring to the Board that will help address these problems?
Respuesta de Debra H. Schade:

The greatest challenge facing our district is funding.  California school budgets continue to be impacted by rising special education costs and the current acceleration of employee pension obligations.  The Solana Beach School District has been able to weather these challenges due to healthy district reserves, however we are currently deficit spending and looking at ways to control district budgets to ensure the long term financial health of our schools. As board president I have pushed for greater transparency of district finances for our community and I happy to report we are beginning budget workshop presentations for all district stakeholders. I pledge to provide sound fiscal responsibility and transparency for the long term financial health of our district. I have been involved in our Regional Legislative Action Network and have worked in Sacramento with legislators over issues concerning our students and education in California.  I continue to push for legislation that adequately funds education in California, provides additional funding for the rising costs of special education and mental health services and addresses the increased financial burden of employee pension liabilities (STRS and PERS) on school district budgets. Solana Beach School District has the best and brightest teaching our children and I am proud to say I have worked to protect their jobs, medical benefits, compensation, pensions and important voice every day.

I have represented our district on joint education committees with the mayor and members of the Solana Beach City Council and San Diego City Council addressing growth, school safety, traffic and safe routes to school issues that impact our schools and communities.   

I have over 38 years in technology, health research and education. I have an advanced degree in Public Health and prioritize educating the whole child.  I currently serve as an elected State Delegate for the California School Board Association (CSBA) and am Vice President of the San Diego School Board Association.  I am also a CSBA Masters in Governance graduate. I serve on the board of a computer science education non profit targeting underserved youth and low income communities in San Diego.

What is your view of charter schools?
Respuesta de Debra H. Schade:

The Charter School movement was originally designed to support innovation in public education and provide a venue for piloting unique programs to later be incorporated into best practices in our public schools.  The current system is re-directing much needed funds out of public schools and further depleting resources for ALL students. For the system to work, charter schools need to be accountable and held to the same standards as our public schools.  Emphasis needs to be placed on making the public school a family's school of choice by strengthening public education through funding and quality programs and staff.

Should the district curb its school choice initiatives (for students who are not in charter schools), so that more students stay in their neighborhood schools? Why or why not?
Respuesta de Debra H. Schade:

School choice initiatives allow parents a say in their child’s educational journey.  However, building stronger public schools provides the best approach for raising the bar for ALL students.  

Are there school discipline strategies or behavioral support programs that you find appealing alternatives to exclusionary or punitive discipline? If so, which ones, and why?
Respuesta de Debra H. Schade:

As an elementary school district serving students K-6, our focus is on educating the whole child.  Comprehensive social and emotional learning programs that build confidence and trust are key to our discipline strategies and behavioral support.  In the Solana Beach School District all classrooms focus on building relationships and connections. Digital citizenship and anti- bullying programs further connect students to each other and a trusted adult at our schools.   

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

I believe in the great democratic institution of public education.  I am a product of public education and my 3 boys have had the great priviledge of attending our public schools.  Great schools make great communities. Families choose to live in our district because of our schools.  Maintaining and enhancing the Solana Beach School District as Public Schools of CHOICE has been my greatest accomplishment.  The role of an effective school board member is anchored in putting the child at the center of all decisions.

Documentos sobre determinadas posturas

Computer Science for ALL


California just adopted K-12 Computer Science standards.  One of only 6 states to do this to date.  I am active in STEM education advocacy in California and been focusing on early engagement of girls, ELL students, students with learning challenges and minorities to capture their confidence and belief that they belong in STEM careers and see their future.  We need a diverse workforce in computer science.  We need to start computational and algorithmic thinking early in a child's education.

As an educational leader and visionary, I am deeply concerned about early preparation of students in the primary grades in meeting our goal of a comprehensive computer science education in California.  Focus on coding literacy standards in elementary school is a key component of building computer science curriculum that is accessible to ALL students. 

My background includes university teaching experience, serving on the board of a nonprofit computer science education organization and a board member of a technology company in San Diego.  I have been a member of the Solana Beach School District Board of Education for the past 14 years.  During this time I have been instrumental in moving our STEM initiative and building curriculum and infrastructure to provide dynamic, engaging and meaningful instruction that builds across all curriculum areas providing an inquiry based classroom. I have a personal involvement in the technology sector , and have used this experience to guide instructional programs in our district’s STREAM (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) initiative.   I have been an early advocate of the importance of STEM education and recognized the significance of instruction for elementary students at a time when most educators were focused on the impact of STEM in high schools.  I strongly believed that the groundwork for the students’ success would be established through experiences early in their educational career that build a love of inquiry and exploration. I have worked to infuse research and the arts into STEM experiences, transforming STEM into STREAM and expanding the scope of learning and student access.  In just three years we have re-purposed our wheel classes into Discovery Labs, integrating the Next Generation Science Standards and STEM education to create hands-on environments in which students from preschool through sixth grade engage in problem-based learning, practice coding, and explore robotics. Our STREAM program inspires creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication in an ever changing world.  More importantly our project based learning celebrates the struggle and provides opportunities for students to apply their learning in real world applications. In 2016 our STREAM program was recognized with a California School Board Association Golden Bell Award for Instructional Innovation. 

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