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November 6, 2018 — Elección General de California

Distrito Escolar Unificado de EscondidoCandidato para Síndico, Area de Síndico 5

Photo de Frank Huston

Frank Huston

Police Officer
3,789 votos (32.3%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • To make sure that all Escondido Union School District campuses and facilities have the most modern and proven security protocols in place.
  • To create constructive two-way communication between board members, faculty, teachers and parents.
  • Maintain fiscal accountability and balanced budgets



Profesión:Police Officer
Police Officer - Senior Traffic Investigator / Motorcycle Division, City Of Escondido (1990–current)

Actividades comunitarias

Youth Basketball Coach - Grades 6th through 8th, Police Athletic League - PAL (2014–current)
President, Rincon Middle School Music Boosters (2014–2016)
Vice President - Executive Board, Escondido Police Officers Association (2013–2015)
Treasurer - Excecutive Board, Escondido Police Officers Association (2009–2014)
Board Member, Escondido Police Officers Association (1994–1997)

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Organizaciónes (3)

  • Escondido Police Officer Association
  • Escondido Elementary Educators Association
  • North County Labor Alliance

Individuos (2)

  • Carmen Peralta - Teacher EUSD
  • Zoe Richardson - Local Business Owner

Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de The League of Women Voters North County San Diego (4)

What are the pressing problems of this school district, in your opinion, and what experience do you bring to the Board that will help address these problems?
Respuesta de Frank Huston:

Coming from the law enforcement community, I have seen the school district implement many programs to secure the safety for students, staff and teachers. Having a locked gate or locked classroom door does not assure safety within a school.  Educating all persons to include students families, staff, teachers, district administrators to notice any type of suspicious activity and then to report it to the proper authorities will assist in the safety of all personnel and students.  I think that participating with local law enforcement and understanding their role in any type of activitive shooter or violent incident would allow staff and teachers to be prepared and realize how to respond. 

I believe there are more steps to be taken to make sure our students, teachers and site staff are safe and I will work hard to make sure that all Escondido Union School District campuses and facilities have the most modern and proven protocals in place.

What is your view of charter schools?
Respuesta de Frank Huston:



The charter school system is a welcomed learning branch of the Escondido Union School District.  As it provides an essential alternative to the traditional learning environment.  The charter schools have an ability to bring in a very large parent participation due to the model used.  As we need charter schools for the alternative learning environment, it is mandatory to look at the model used to bring in such a large percentage of parent participation and use that same model to get parents involved in their childs education.  With a larger parent involvement in the Escondido Union Schools, this will allow the Escondido Union School District to continue on its upward movement on school rankings in comparison with other union school districts in the County of San Diego.    



Should the district curb its school choice initiatives (for students who are not in charter schools), so that more students stay in their neighborhood schools? Why or why not?
Respuesta de Frank Huston:


Currently the school choice initiative is a necessary component of the Escondido Union School District.  The school rankings had fallen to a critical level and to allow students to move to other schools in the district allows the parents a voice in their childs educational career.  As in any type of critical situation, decisions are made for the betterment of the school district.   The school district is working extremely hard to turn those school rankings back to where they should be.  This is a process that is slow, but the school district has done a fantastic job in moving the school rankings in a positive direction.  As the school rankings improve and return to the highest levels, I believe the school choice initiative will be readdressed.  I believe the school district will return to the traditional school boundaries so our child will be attending school where they live.   


Are there school discipline strategies or behavioral support programs that you find appealing alternatives to exclusionary or punitive discipline? If so, which ones, and why?
Respuesta de Frank Huston:


I believe school should be a place where a student and parent has the feeling of safety and know that if there is a problem it will be handled professionally and quickly.   This issue goes to the administration level and legislative level.  As laws are passed onto the school district to how to handle discipline, it can limit the ability of the school district to provide quick and professional resolution to a problem. 


That being said, it is the administration who has the ultimate responsibility to make sure that the teachers and staff are supported when an issue becomes known.  I have seen students that do not want to be in class, leave class and roam around the campus with a teacher of teacher aide following.  The teacher or teacher aide has no recourse in having the student return to class until that student chooses to follow the direction of the staff.  After notifying administration of the problem, the student is allowed to roam the school day in and day out until an evaluation of the can be scheduled and proper placement of the student is finally achieved.   Unfortunately, this process can takes months to schedule the evaluation.  This is not what a parent would expect a school administration to do for a quick professional response.  This is a costly practice and a drain on resources within the school district.


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