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November 5, 2019 — Local Elections

Ciudad de Long BeachCandidato para Consejo Municipal, Distrito 1Short Term

Photo de Elliot Gonzales

Elliot Gonzales

Environmental Media Maker
149 votos (5.5%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Public Bank
  • Housing For All
  • Green New Deal



Profesión:Production Assistant
Production Assistant, Live From the Frontlines (2018–current)
Dishwasher, Bobeu's (2018–current)


Elliot Gonzales, 32, has been active in civic engagement and politics since he was 20 years and first discovered a park on the rooftop of the main library. While the park and library are being demolished for a new building, he still sees rooftops as spaces to cool buildings, collect solar energy and build gardens for plants, animals and people.

He has been active in his community over the years. He was a co-founder of the Green Long Beach! Festival which ran from 2008-2012. He served two terms on the Sustainability Commission for the City of Long Beach from 2010-2018, where he was able to conduct one of the first public reviews of the city's oil and gas operations. In 2015 he started Stop Fracking Long Beach, a group dedicated to banning fracking and acidizing in Long Beach and ending the sale of recycled to the oil and gas industry.

Elliot currently works as a dishwasher at a local restaurant. and on the production of Live From the Frontlines, a media series showcasing the stories of communities affected by pollution, primarily caused by oil and gas. He has a certificate in business management from Long Beach City College. In 2018 he ran a plant nursery in his neighborhood and also ran for the state assembly.

Elliot describes himself as a bold true progressive. He is running a campaign that does not accept money from corporations. In 2015 he made a lifelong commitment to be a part of a major transformation in society, what is described as a "political revolution." With this commitment, shared by many throughout this country and world, Elliot believes we can create a world of economic, social and environmental justice. This is why he is calling for a local Green New Deal, creating green jobs and housing for all.

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Featured Endorsements

  • RL Miller - Chair of the CA Democratic Party Environmental Caucus

Funcionarios electos (1)

  • Bryan Osorio - Councilman, City of Delano

Individuos (3)

  • Captain Charles Moore - Environmental Scientist
  • Lisa Hernandez, Nonprofit/ Small Biz Owner
  • David Braun - Organizer with Californians Against Fracking

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

My name is Elliot Gonzales, I'm running for the 1st district seat on the Long Beach City Council.

I'm running on a platform calling for public and affordable housing, that is public housing for the people who desperately need housing and affordable housing so that working-class people are not economically displaced due to the high cost of rents.

I'm also calling for jobs program called a Green New Deal, with this program we put our people to work doing the most important work, that is taking care of the Earth and taking care of each other.

We must build the housing we need to house all of our people, homes for the homeless, homes for the working class.

We must put our people to work composting and recycling and installing solar panels on every roof and transitioning our city off of oil onto 100% renewable energy.

We must make this transformation for our health so that no one has to suffer from cancer or heart disease or asthma because of the air that they breathe. The air is so bad it not only poisons our bodies and our blood but it warms the entire planet and will leave this planet uninhabitable and unhealthy for the next generations.

And when people ask how I plan to pay for all of it, I'm calling for us to create a public bank. With a public bank we can acquire the financing we need for our infrastructure like housing, like water capture, clean energy projects and new waste facilities. We don't need to go to the big banks that created the last housing crisis to get us through our current one.

We need to establish our own bank and keep our wealth in our own city rather than depend on the banks of Wall Street. Those banks are invested against us. Those banks invest in oil, our bank will invest in clean
energy; our bank will invest in housing for everyone.

I'm greatly concerned about the housing crisis. I'm greatly concerned about the environmental crisis. I know that if we continue business-as-usual the problem will go from bad to worse and it's time for a transformative vision concerned around the uplift of society. That's why I'm running.

Documentos sobre determinadas posturas

Ban on Fracking and Acidizing


A Ban on Fracking and Acidizing and Ending the Sale of Water to Oil & Gas

Many people may not know that the city is using acidizing, a technique similar to fracking to extract the oil reserves beneath the city. Long Beach sits on the 3rd largest oilfield in the contiguous United States. Often described as “acid maintenance” the technique to gather oil deposits requires at a minimum at least one barrel of water for every barrel of oil extracted. The water is sold from the water department, (LBWD), to the oil and gas industry. This is recycled water that is intended to used for parks. Recycled water can also be treated to be made potable during times of drought or used in crop irrigation. Fracking is the use of sand, high pressure and lots of water to extract deposits of oil and gas. In Long Beach we use acidizing, which is done at lower pressure. A few years ago city officials stated they will not be fracking, despite applying for permits to do so. Instead they acidized the oil wells, without little to no information being made available to the public. If Long Beach is serious about climate resiliency, we must no longer continue to sell our vitally important water to the oil and gas industry. We must put an immediate moratorium on fracking and acidizing until the public has full understanding of what is at stake. Oil operations permanently contaminate the water that is used in the production. The oil will be sold to be burned where it contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and will release methane, a GHG which invariably escapes with every operation. Long Beach must stop fracking and acidizing and lead the transition away from fossil fuels. This includes a green jobs transition plan to pay for the transition of oil workers to a green job including decommissioning facilities and infrastructure. We must cap oil wells and invest in clean energy projects. We must stop the sale of water from the LBWD to the oil industry. We must invest in water infrastructure for future generations, not sell the water or our future to the oil industry.

A Public Bank


Get Rid of Check Cashing Stores

Provide the Public Better Banking Alternatives

Invest in Public Infrastructure

When we allow these check cashing stores to conduct business in our city we allow predatory agents to extract wealth from some of the most economically vulnerable residents in our city. It is time we stand up to these so-called check cashing stores which charge exorbitant fees and interest and trap low-income borrowers into endless debt cycles. These predatory agents must be removed from the community. No better than them are the professional banks. The business model on Wall Street is fraudulence. We have already suffered through a financial crisis as a nation and as a global economy because of the fraudulence of the big banks. Yet 10 years later the major banks are four times as big as they were in 2008. Back then they were too big to fail now they are bigger than ever. They are betting against us. They are investing in fracking and expanding refineries and pipelines worldwide. They are taking our savings and our housing and our educations and our pensions and they are betting against us. If we are to become economically resilient we must move our money away from the major banks. We must move our city's financial resources away from Wells Fargo and Citigroup and Chase Bank. We must move our personal savings and our homes and our businesses away from these Wall Street banks. A public bank provides a public option. A public bank is owned by the public and has the best interest of the public in mind. The major banks of Wall Street are in the control of a handful of speculators on Wall Street. They do not have the best interests of the public in mind. Progressives and democratic socialists have a bold agenda to improve the infrastructure, build public housing and prepare for climate change. We know the public bank is the tool that we will need to finance our agenda. A public bank will reinvigorate the economy by providing the necessary cash flow to develop infrastructure projects. A public bank can offer short-term loans at an interest rate that is not exploitative. A public bank can actually help build credit for low-income borrowers. A public bank is built by the public for the public and will build the economically resiliency of the community.

Green New Deal


The Green New Deal is jobs program. It puts people to working doing the mostimportant work, taking care of the earth and each other. 

 It is time that we made a contract to the world. It is an environmental contract. This contract says that we will protect the living creatures of the earth including our humanity. We will protect water we will protect air and protect the Earth. It is time we made a social contract. We must ensure the human dignity of one another and guarantee everyone access to their basic needs. This includes a job. The Earth is putting us to work.

We need to obtain clean energuy from the sun and the wind and store the energy on kinetic batteries. We must divest from fossil fuels and invest in a renewable economy. The wealth from the energy must remain in the hands of the residents, not in the hands of wealthy polluters. We must invest in rainwater capture and revegitating the land to absorb carbon, build habitats and protect the infrastructre. We must develop alternatives to plastics and all products derived from petroleum.
We must make a moral and spiritual contract. We must come to understand that the battle to save the Earth is a battle to protect the sacred, the forces of life. We must make an economic contract. This contract requires us to do work based on the principle of fair trade rather than the exploitation brought by the free market. We must expand the trade union movement and guarantee jobs for all. These jobs must provide a living wage and will create an economy that works for all of us. With this economic, moral, social and environmental contract we must offer the world a Green New Deal. This new deal requires international cooperation instead of global competition. It requires a heartfelt commitment to leaving a healthy and habitable environment to future generations. It seeks to atone for mistakes of the past. It requires cooperation and courage. Long Beach, as an international city, it is time we make this contract. It is time we play our role in bringing a Green New Deal to the world.  

Videos (3)

— October 9, 2019 Elliot for Long Beach City Council

Elliot announces his campaign on a platform calling for a Green New Deal, land for public and affordable housing, a public bank to finance these public investments.

— October 9, 2019 Elliot for Long Beach City Council 2019

Green Jobs and Housing For All

— October 9, 2019 Live From the Frontlines

Elliot describes his experience at a refinery that "set his heart on fire"

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